Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My take on the arrest of Donald Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski for battery of a reporter.

Video of the incident in the question. 

The big story today was what should have been a total non-issue. Donald Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, has been arrested for an incident at a Trump campaign rally involving an altercation with a Breitbart reporter, video of which has been posted above. In the video, it appears that Michelle Fields is grabbed by Lewandowski briefly after she was talking to Donald Trump. Lewandowski has been charged with simple battery.

I think this is an obvious politically motivated arrest. The video above shows that this is not much of an incident. Does it meet the legal standard of battery? Perhaps. Lewandowski did touch Fields without her consent, and may have caused some bruising. Fields did put out a tweet showing a small bruise on he arm. Even so, if that is the worst thing anyone has done to Fields, then she has lived a charmed life. 

But Lewandowski should have a built in defense against these charges. In the beginning of the video, it's clear that Fields is hassling Donald Trump. He looks rather annoyed since he's being asked questions after the press conference is over. Fields can also be seen clearly grabbing Donald Trump and him pulling his arm away, which also would be considered battery. You can also see something in her hands that looks like a pen. 

In my eyes this is just a campaign manager protecting his candidate from an attack. Fields is obviously hassling Donald Trump, and given how many threats there are against him, it makes sense that someone would have done something to her. It would be right to do so, and if the secret service had noticed, I am convinced that they would have done the same thing. Only they would have been much less gentle with Fields then Lewandowski was. Remember this?

And he didn't even touch Donald Trump.

Keep in mind the following. Lewandowski claimed that he didn't even know who Fields was. She wasn't the usual Breitbart reporter assigned to Donald Trump. For all Lewandowski knew, she was just some crazy person grabbing Trump's arm. Fields had also gotten past the Secret Service and for whatever reason, there didn't seem to be any agents nearby. Had Fields actually wanted to hurt Trump, she could have done so. 

So I think Lewandowski's actions were not only justified, but obviously so. The one thing you don't ever do is put your hands on a presidential candidate. If you do, bad things happen to you. That is a rule that can not change. Especially with all the threats against Donald Trump. If the Secret Service and Trump's staff let their guard down, there is a good chance that Trump doesn't make it to the November election. That can't happen, so if it means that a reporter gets roughed up once an awhile, then so be it. 

Why make an issue out of this? Why arrest Lewandowski at all? Well, it hurts Donald Trump. He loses his campaign manager for awhile, and the mainstream media gets to drag his name through the mud yet again. The media also will focus on this non-issue while ignoring critical issues like Ted Cruz's sex scandal and every single thing that Hillary Clinton has ever done, which also hurts Trump. 

My guess is that the prosecutor that filed these charges for political reasons. Either the prosecutor came under fierce political pressure from Trump's opponents to file, or the prosecutor disliked Trump and did this to try and stop him. I don't think they have any merit, and that Lewandowski will be vindicated, either at trial or, more likely, when the charges are dropped. 

I also think that there is a bit of "white knighting" going on here. If Michelle Fields had been a man, nobody would have cared about this incident at all. But Fields is a woman, and an attractive one at that. So even though a woman is just as capable of harming a presidential candidate as a man, nobody cares because a pretty girl got roughed up. I think that is incredibly sexist and by any objective standard, Fields is the one that is in the wrong here... 


  1. If it would have been a male reporter, nothing would have been said. If it would have been an unattractive female, nothing would have been said. She's hot so that sells. It shows how desperate Trumps enemies are. They will stoop very low to try to dirty Trumps campaign. I am not a Trump supporter at this time. I can identify stupidity from any corner!!

    1. Thanks for the comment! It really is just white knighting.