Saturday, July 1, 2017

CNN's bad week part 3

I'm a bit late on this but Project Veritas released part 3 of their series on CNN. I don't have a whole lot to say about it because it is mostly more of the same. Another producer, this time Jimmy Carr from their morning show "New Day" got hit in an undercover sting.

He said some pretty terrible things. For one thing he said that Kellyanne Conway, Trump's counselor and former campaign manager, looks like she was "hit by a shovel". Now I am not one to whine about sexism, but I have to say that was a little harsh for a woman in her 50's that still looks pretty good. Certainly it hurts the networks coverage of the Donald Trump/Mika Brzezinski twitter nothingburger feud. Either it's ok for both Trump and Carr to say bad things about women or it's not ok for either. I'd say it's probably ok for both, but there is quite a bit of hypocrisy in CNN's selective outrage.

Carr also confirmed that there is an obvious bias at CNN and that bias is in favor of the left. He also said similar things to the last two subjects of these videos, Van Jones and John Bonifield, about the Russia investigation. Carr went a bit further and bashed President Trump and his voters and left no doubt that he wasn't going to ever give the President a fair shake.

The most important thing shown in the video is a great example of hypocrisy in the media and one that seems to be pretty universal. CNN and there defenders were hitting O'Keefe and Project Veritas hard for selectively editing their videos, possibly removing context or making people seem to say something they didn't mean. To be fair to CNN, that is something that has dogged O'Keefe his entire career and it is something that you should remember when watching his videos. You should always ask yourself "could there be mitigating circumstances cut out"? In some of his videos the answer has been yes.

But O'Keefe did something brilliant due to a leak from inside CNN. He proved that you should be asking the same questions about deceptive editing by the mainstream media as well. He caught CNN red handed editing out a Trump supporters statement about voter fraud. He was talking about illegal voters being bused into vote but CNN cut out some critical context from his statement. The CNN report made it look like he didn't have any evidence but he cited Project Veritas' video about voter fraud where Democratic staffers admitted that they were going to do so. He also claimed that he was a poll watcher and he personally saw people committing voter fraud via provisional ballots.

Does that mean that Project Veritas is innocent of deceptive editing? Of course not. But CNN is guilty of it as well. Indeed, I can't think of a major news organization that doesn't do so, at least not during this election cycle. Megyn Kelly was just accused of it during her Alex Jones interview, so he released some of the stuff that got cut. Katie Couric got sued for it. Time and time again I saw that almost all major news organizations would cut and edit statements made by almost all presidential candidates, none more than Donald Trump, and I would look at the actual video or full statement and I would see that they left out critical context, mitigating factors or even distort what they said.

I will say this. If you are going to argue that Project Veritas is unreliable because they deceptively edit their videos, than you have to agree that the rest of the mainstream media is just as guilty. You may not be able to trust Project Veritas completely but the same is true for every other news outlet. Don't just question people you disagree with politically. Question everyone and everything!

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