Sunday, May 14, 2017

Airlines rant...

As you may know, I was supposed to be on vacation right now. That obviously didn't happen if I am here typing this right now. So what happened? Well as you can probably tell from the title of this post, my flight got canceled. I wasn't informed why this happened and I all know for sure is that I won't be on vacation until tomorrow.

My flight was originally delayed by an hour or so. That's not a huge deal but right as I was pulling into the airport I got a text from my airline that the flight was canceled entirely. Since I booked my hotel through my airline, I wanted to ask if my hotel was going to be ok. They told me they didn't know and I had to call their customer service line. After two attempts and about half an hour on hold, I was told that my hotel was just fine and they didn't know why I was told to call them.

For all that trouble what did I get? A $100 voucher for a new flight that expires in a year. Since I almost never travel and have no plans of going anywhere between now and next year, it's pretty much useless. I also got an $8 food voucher for the hotel that I wasn't qualified to stay at in the first place (I live too close to the airport). I am hoping that they are at least refunding the one night hotel stay that I didn't get to use.

As someone who hasn't traveled in a very long time this comes as a bit of a shock for me. I haven't ever had a plane canceled for no discernible reason. I am not sure but I am guessing it was for a maintenance issue. If that is the case I think I can't really be too upset. I'd rather have to wait a day rather than flying on an unsafe plane.

All this happens as the airlines have been having horrible press lately. Spirit Airlines, which are horrible in the best of times, have been canceling flights left and right and it seems like every day there is a story of some person getting kicked off a flight for stupid reasons. There are a lot of people unhappy with the airlines and as of today, I am one of them.

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