Thursday, February 16, 2017

New Wikileaks document drop shows the CIA spied on all parties in the 2012 French election.

Julian Assange outside the embassy. David Silvers. 

In another major leak, Wikileaks have released documents showing that the CIA spied on all major candidates in the 2012 French election. IBT Times. The seven CIA documents showed that the CIA was directed to target three French political parties, the Union for a Popular Union, the Socialist Party and the National Front. In addition, French president Francois Hollende, ex-president Nicholas Sarkosy, current 2016 election front runner Marine La Pen and former 2012 candidates Dominque Strauss-Khan and Martine Aubry were targeted as well. The CIA wanted information on the candidates positions on issues as well as their election strategies. 

My Comment:
This is a fairly important story that is getting zero coverage in the press. The only outlets I saw covering it were IBT Times, RT, and The Daily Caller. Not exactly unbiased sources there so I picked the best of a bad bunch and went with IBT Times for the source. Since I wanted to see for myself what the leak said I also read the actual leaks. You can find the Wikileaks documents here and the Wikileaks press release here.

 On the one hand this isn't very surprising at all. The CIA's purpose is, of course, is to spy on foreign governments. It is a little shady because France is one of our greatest allies, but even spying on them isn't that new. Honestly I would be more surprised if we weren't spying on Frances elections. 

So why does this story matter? Well for one it goes directly against the mainstream media's narrative on Russia interfering with the American election. Though I have no doubt that the Russian equivalents of the CIA spied on our election, it's pretty hard to complain about it when the CIA does the same thing to France. 

It also matters because the press is not covering it at all. Like I said, the only outlets I found covering this were the three outlets I mentioned and a few smaller ones that I haven't really heard off. And when I looked for the story on Google News I couldn't find it until I typed it in the search bar itself. Normally, the revelation that the CIA spied on a major ally's election would be a huge news story, but it's being suppressed. 

Finally, and much more importantly, it seems that there is a mole in the CIA that is feeding Wikileaks documents. Wikileaks has been very cryptic lately, posting many tweets about #Vault7. 

People have speculated on what those tweets mean and without proof either way, I will be speculating as well. Leading theories have included FBI information about Hillary Clinton and, less believably, information about 9/11 and WTC building #7. I think both of those theories are blown out of the water (the 9/11 one was never credible in the first place).

It seems clear to me that whatever Vault 7 was, it's related to the CIA. It seems as though that someone in the CIA has given information to Wikileaks and that this is just the first release. Can I prove that? No, but I think it is likely. This is, of course, a huge deal and, depending on what is released, could have huge implications down the line. I won't speculate on what those leaks are going to be, but I will urge everyone to keep an eye out for new leaks...

I am worried about the massive amount of leaks right now. Not only are people leaking to Wikileaks, there are also a ton of leaks concerning Donald Trump's administration. Many of these leaks are being done for political reasons. Though I enjoy reading about the inner workings of government, it's clear to me that these leaks are damaging. I don't think there can be much that can be done about it though...

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