Sunday, February 19, 2017

Iran produces an animated film showing their forces defeating America.

Fatima Zahra animation studios, via Reuters. 

Just a quick post for something I found this morning. Apparently Iran has a new movie coming out called Battle of the Persian Gulf II. It's an animated film that shows a potential conflict between the United States and Iran. It's also pretty hilarious, mostly because it makes Iran look way more bad-ass than it is in real life and the quality of the animation looks like it's from a bad video game made about 10 years ago. Reuters has more background on the film here, but I mostly wanted an excuse to post the following videos. Someone on youtube made a trailer based on several scenes that have been released already:

In a second clip from 2015, an Iranian frigate appears to destroy an entire navy's worth of ancient World War II Battleships:

Just as a comparison here's a game trailer from a naval game made in the western world:

And for balance, here's another one, this time based on ground and air combat:

Needless to say, if free to play MMO's like World of Warships and War Thunder can do a better job making a trailer for their video game then the Iranian filmmakers did, I am not holding out hope that this movie will be a good one. Not that I was expecting it to be good mind you, but still, if that's the best Iran can do, I kinda feel sorry for them... 

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