Friday, February 3, 2017

Egyptian wielding a machete shot in an attempted terror attack at the Louvre in Paris.

Photo from inside the Lourve allegedly showing the suspect. BBC/AP.

An Egyptian wielding a machete was shot by a soldier during an attempted terror attack at the Louvre museum in Paris, France. BBC. The 29 year old Egyptian national had traveled to France from Dubai on a tourist visa. It is unclear if the man was working alone or had support from a terror organization. The attacker pulled out a machete and attacked a solider, lightly wounding him, before getting shot. Hundreds of visitors were at the museum, which is one of the world's most popular and famous, during the incident. It is currently unclear if the attacker will survive his wounds and the suspect has not been identified by the French government. 

My Comment:
Yet another failed terror attack. I am guessing that this was not a professional attack and is likely a "lone wolf" strike. If the attacker had more support I think he would have picked a better plan then the one he tried to carry out. 

For one thing, this attack seems similar to the failed assassination attempt on Donald Trump. In that attack a illegal alien tried to steal a gun from a cop. He failed miserably and got arrested for his trouble, but it seems like this attacker might have had the same plan. It seems to me that he wanted to use his machete to kill or incapacitate a soldier or cop and then use his weapon to kill civilians. 

Let me state for the record that this was a terrible plan, and it should be obvious why. While trying to attack the soldier he was shot and stopped very quickly. But even if he had succeeded with that part of the plan let's look at what else he would have to do, very quickly I might add. If he was too slow in securing the weapon one of the other guards would have shot him. If he managed to do it, he would either have to have a lot of luck or skill to fire a weapon successfully because he probably wasn't familiar with the FAMAS the HK416 or whatever the guard was armed with (it looked like a FAMAS to me but the picture is blurry) . And then he would have to strip more magazines from the guards he killed after he ran out of ammo. Even if he succeeded in all that, there would be plenty of time for the actual targets of the attack, the civilian visitors at the Louvre, to escape. 

And let's also talk about the target of this attack. I can't think of a worse place to target than what is arguably the most famous museum in the world. Security would be tight and this attack shows that the French are on the ball. An attack could have worked there with multiple attackers with rifles, body armor and suicide belts, but anything less would probably end in either complete failure or a couple of injuries or deaths at most. Attacking there, with nothing else than a machete, is complete idiocy.

It's not like there haven't been successful machete attacks, both in Europe and the United States. Yeah, you will probably end up getting shot by someone but if you choose a good target you can accomplish more then just getting shot right away.  Even though France resembles an occupied state right now with the soldiers all over the streets, there have to be places where there aren't any armed guards filled with defenseless civilians. But this guy either didn't realize that or wanted to attack one of the hardest targets in the country in spite of the obvious chance of complete and utter failure. 

Because this attack was so stupid I have to think that this was a lone wolf. A very stupid one at that. I kind of think that ISIS or al-Qaeda would have come up with a better plan then this. They have in the past and probably will again in the future. But this guy could only come up with this. I doubt he had much in the way of help. I wouldn't be surprised if he was mentally ill. That doesn't mean that this wasn't a Jihadist inspired attack, but this doesn't strike me as something made up by an organized mind. 

The question has to be asked, how did this guy even get into France? It sounds like he was on a tourist visa which makes me wonder why he wasn't screened out. If the guy was mental, I guess it was very possible that nobody knew what he was planning and there was no way prevent it. But if he was in contact with Jihadists then he probably should have been blocked from entry. ISIS does have a foothold in the Sinai peninsula so I am hoping that Egypt is able to track this guy down. 

Finally, as always when one of these attacks fails, be thankful for the stupidity of terrorists. Had this guy had even a little bit of plan he could have wounded or killed at least a few people before he was stopped. Instead he slightly wounded someone and cost the French government a bit of money for his health care. It's too bad that they aren't all this stupid... 

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