Friday, December 9, 2016

South Korea votes to impeach President Park Geun-hye after corruption scandal

Impeached South Korean president Park Geun-hye. AP.

South Korea has voted to impeach their president, Park Geun-hye, in response to a bizarre corruption scandal. USA Today. South Korea's parliament voted her out and the case will now be decided by the countries Constitutional Court who will either decide to remove her from power entirely or to let her back into power. Park was the daughter of Park Chung-hee, and took over the role of first lady when she was assassinated in 1974. After her father's death, Park began her career and became friends with Choi Tae-Min, a mysterious religious figure. When Park became president Choi's daughter, Choi Soon-il, took over the country and Park functioned as a puppet for the Choi family. When those connections were revealed, it untangled a web of corruption and caused massive protests against Park. With Park removed from power pending a descion from the courts, Prime Minster Hwang Kyo-ahn will take over as acting president.

My Comment:
Doesn't it seem like the conspiracy theorists are right these days? If you had told me a couple years ago that the Democratic Party would rig the primary election, that elements of the Saudi government were involved in 9/11 and that the South Korean government was actually being ruled by a shadow government made up of mysterious religious figures, I would have laughed in your face. But all of those things have been proven true, or at least been proven enough that people are openly talking about it. It makes it a lot harder to dismiss things like pizzagate, for example, no matter how strange or outlandish their claims are.

And the USA Today article is really downplaying how strange this thing is. The Choi family wasn't the only one implicated in this scandal. Supposedly there is a group of 8 billionaire women in South Korea, called the 8 goddesses, that are actually controlling everything there. The younger Choi is only one of them, so the theory goes. How much of that is true is still up for debate, since English sources on this subject are sorely lacking, but what we do know is crazy enough. 

Just think about how crazy this is. Park was elected to be president but she was not running the country. Some un-elected and unaccountable member of a power family was running the whole show behind the scenes. Using that ill gotten power the Choi family funded their own projects and set up foundations that were, essentially, a giant scam. The entire thing sounds like a plot from a bad conspiracy theory, but it all turned out to be true. 

Even stranger, some people are claiming that there are links between Choi, Park and the Megalian group in South Korea. Though those links have not been proven, I have to say that everything I have read about the Megalians is just utterly and completely batshit insane. Wikipedia has a pretty crappy article, but the gist of it is that they are an internet forum of radical feminists. And when I say radical feminists, I mean radical feminists. If anyone deserved the slur "feminazi" they do. If they weren't real, I would consider them to be a completely over the top and unrealistic portrayal of feminists by someone that utterly hates women with no basis in reality.. Megalians hate men, not in the "doesn't like men" way many feminists are accused of hating men. No, they legitimately hate men to the point where they abort male babies just for being male and post gore pictures of dead men and mutilated genitals just for the shock value. The idea that they even exist let alone may have links to the presidency of South Korea and the shadow government is utterly terrifying. 

Unfortunately, I don't speak Korean and google translate sucks, so I haven't been able to get many sources on any of these stories. The mainstream media here has been playing up the corruption angle and hasn't talked much about the occult connections that Choi has. Slate has an article that claims that the older Choi was essentially a medium and convinced Park that her dead mother was talking to her. I mean, that is just insane right? You would think that would be the headline "Psychic medium at center of corruption scandal!". The occult angle makes an already strange story even weirder. 

The media is also trying to jam this into the Brexit/Trump/Italy constitution votes. Sure, right wing ideas and governments are on the rise, but the Korean scandal has little to do with that. I do believe that the left wing establishment is deeply unpopular right now internationally, but I think that with this scandal, the government would have fallen no matter who was in charge. This isn't a right wing vs left wing issue. It's an elite vs commoner issue and the elite was shown to be completely corrupt and crazy. Sure that's probably true everywhere, but the Korean people got to see how the sausage was getting made and they sure didn't like what they saw. I, for one, am glad that Park is probably on the way out. 

Of course, with South Korea bordering and being technically at war with North Korea, one wonders what Kim Jon Un will do. My guess is less then nothing. There is an old saying, which has been sourced to Napoleon, but who knows who actually said it, that goes like this: Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake. Right now South Korea is making North Korea look like a well run and stable country in comparison. Kim must be laughing his butt off at this and will probably use this as an opportunity to demand concessions from the West. I doubt that there will be war, but I wouldn't be surprised if the North starts some saber rattling again. 

The obvious question is if South Korea really was being ruled by a shadow government, could that happen elsewhere? Is the same thing happening here? It's probably true to some extent, after all billionaires like George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates exist and do exert their considerable power all the time. But I doubt they would be so bold as to completely own a president the same way that Choi did. And I doubt there are any occult links in our elite. 

That being said, nothing could surprise me anymore. It really seems like reality is peeling apart right now and everything we thought could never happen is happening. This is just the latest example of a series of unbelievable events. The South Korean scandal shows that a shadow government isn't without precedent. If it can happen there it can happen here. Now the only question is has it happened or not...  

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