Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My take on the Project Veritas videos.

Video one showing how Democrats incited violence at GOP rallies. 

Video two showing discussion of voter fraud. 

The two videos posted above are damning for the Democrats. James O'Keefe, the man behind the Acorn videos, has gotten hidden camera footage of Democratic operatives discussing some rather shady stuff. The first video detailed how the Democrats incited violence at GOP rallies, specifically Donald Trump ones. The second one showed discussions about voter fraud, which we have always been told doesn't exist. 

A few notes on the source of the video. Project Veritas and James O'Keefe have been accused of deceptively editing videos in the past. I don't think that is the case here. Though I do think some of the context has been edited out, the accusations have been verified. Two of the people in these videos, Bob Creamer and Scott Foval have been fired since these videos have been released. Also, I have seen documents confirming that Zulema Rodriguez was on the payroll on several liberal Super PAC's as well as the Hillary Clinton campaigns. 

Do I think the videos are valid? Well the 1st video is obviously. It has essentially proven that the Democrats have incited violence against Donald Trump supporters. They even incited a riot in Chicago in which multiple people, including some cops, were hurt. They have multiple people on tape admitting to it. If it was a court of law, it would be damning evidence. 

The 2nd video is less so. Though the discussions they were having were extremely unethical, and even illegal, it doesn't look like the people involved actually did any voter fraud. It sounded like they were aware that such things were going on and that they would very much like to do so in the future, but there was no smoking gun where someone said something concrete. And the background information is much harder to prove than the 1st video. 

So what are the implications of these videos? Well it's glaringly obvious that the Democratic party is inciting riots and violence. This is something I have always suspected but haven't been able to prove until now. The 1st video is damning proof of that. That alone should disqualify Hillary Clinton for president unless she can prove she had nothing to do with this and denounces it in its entirety. 

The Democrats were essentially picking fights with Republican supporters in order to discredit Donald Trump. The whole "Republicans are violent" narrative, which hurt Trump in the primaries, was largely constructed out of whole cloth by the Democrats.

Worst of all, these attacks were largely blamed on Bernie Sanders supporters as well. Many of the attackers in the Chicago riot were wearing Bernie Sanders gear. Not only was this an attempt to discredit Donald Trump and his supporters by saying they were inciting violence, they also blamed that violence on Sanders and his supporters. That is what is known as a false flag and it's an extremely dirty trick to try and pull.

I admit to joining in on that bandwagon when the riot in Chicago. Though I blamed Hillary Clinton as well, I put most of the blame on Sanders and his people. That was wrong and I think I owe those people an apology. I hadn't considered that the Clinton campaign would go so low as to do this, even though I suspected the violence was from paid troublemakers, I had no idea that it was also a false flag.

As for the voter fraud accusations, there wasn't a smoking gun. Just like the last video from Vertias Project on voter fraud, it showed a lot of people talking about how voter fraud works and their opinion that it was happening, and even some initial planning for future voter fraud, but there was no actual voter fraud shown. 

Though there is a circumstantial case for voter fraud happening, and I personally believe that it is happening, this 2nd video isn't strong enough proof of it. Still, I think there is probably enough evidence here for a conspiracy charge. 

I was especially disgusted that one of the people involved in this was an illegal alien. Ceaser Vegas of the Dream Coalition, is in the country illegally. We have him on video making some statements that certainly look like he wants to commit voter fraud. Why hasn't he been deported? Why is he even in this country? Why is he allowed to interact with our elections at all? 

Still, the 2nd video proves that the leftist narrative that voter fraud never happens is just something they tell the voters and don't believe themselves. This is the 2nd video that Project Veritas has put out that shows people on the left clearly admitting that voter fraud happens and that they want it to continue. Voter fraud is happening. The Democrats know that and are participating in it. We just can't prove it yet.

The good news is that the voter fraud they were talking about didn't seem to help. It sure looked like the state they were discussing was my home state of Wisconsin. In case you forgot, Wisconsin was won by Bernie Sanders and it wasn't that close, with him getting 56% of the vote over Clinton's 43%.

That alone is reason enough for people to vote, even if you are worried about voter fraud. There becomes a point where even outright fraud is still not enough to swing an election. This is why it is so important to vote if you care at all about the election. Voter fraud can swing a close race, but legit votes will always outweigh fake ones. 

Finally, I have to say that these tactics have backfired on the Democrats. Even talking about voter fraud is making the election seem rigged, and the violence they incited gave people like me a huge reason to vote against the Democrats in the election. Though I like Trump's policy, one of the main reasons I went from a "I'll vote for Trump if I have too" to "I am voting for Trump openly and will support him" was the violence in Chicago. I wasn't ever going to vote for a Democrat but there was a chance that I wouldn't have voted at all if it wasn't for the violence. Even though I have my reservations about Donald Trump, I will still continue to support him through think and thin just on this issue as well. 

I think that these videos are getting some coverage as well. Though the mainstream media is mostly ignoring the videos, social media is lighting up. And slowly mainstream media is covering them as well. I know Sean Hannity did yesterday and though I don't watch CNN anymore, I heard that they covered the 1st video today too. 

Will it have an effect? Maybe. I do think that these videos will do a lot to motivate the Republican base. They, after all, are the victims of the violence in the 1st video. Bernie Sanders supporters also have strong reason to be angry, but for whatever reason the videos didn't mention that they were victims of a false flag attack that made them look violent and that the vote rigging they were talking about was to cheat Sanders out winning Wisconsin. If former Bernie Sanders supporters see these videos and draw the right conclusions they might be pissed off, but they are certainly not being spoon-fed here. 

Still, I fear that the people that really need to see these videos and be convinced by them won't be watching. Most people are in a bubble right now and rarely see anything that challenges their views. Though that is somewhat true for Republicans, it's extremely true for Clinton supporters. My guess is that very few Clinton supporters will even see these videos and if they do they will dismiss them out of hand because they don't confirm to their stereotypes and preconceived notions... 

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