Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Donald Trump warns that Hillary Clinton will get us into a war with Russia if elected.

Donald Trump gives a speech. BBC/AP

Donald Trump claims that Hillary Clinton's plans in Syria will lead to World War III with Russia. BBC. Trump says that Clinton's plan to enforce a no-fly zone could lead to a conflict. He said such a conflict would also involve Iran and Syria itself. Trump also claimed that Clinton would be completely unable to negotiate with Vladimir Putin after she has blasted him and blamed him for the Wikileaks scandal. Trump's concerns are backed by Chairman of the Join Chiefs Marine General Joseph Dunford, who gave similar warnings last month. Even Hillary Clinton admits that enforcing a no-fly zone would kill many Syrians. In a speech given to Goldman Sachs, and leaked to Wikileaks, Clinton admitted that many civilians would die in the campaign to destroy Syrian air defenses. 

My Comment:
Donald Trump must be reading my blog because I brought the same thing up on Monday. In that post I discussed the evidence that Russia really is preparing for war. They are building bomb shelters and running massive civilian drills, the biggest since the Cold War. Though they haven't out and out said that they expect a war (at least the government hasn't, the people and pundits in Russia have), it's clear that they are thinking about it. 

Trump brought something else up that I hadn't though of though. He mentioned that Iran could join the war as well. They have a lot of troops in Syria and would not appreciate being bombed in the campaign to establish a no fly zone. If Iran got mad enough about it, they could join the war and conduct attacks. They could close the straits of Hormuz and launch terrorist attacks. 

And Trump is right, Putin would not be in the mood to talk to Hillary Clinton. He barely talks to Barack Obama, and Obama isn't half the war hawk that Clinton is. I mentioned in the last post that I think Putin thinks that Clinton's goal for Russia is regime change. He probably takes that personally and Clinton's unhinged rant about Russia interfering with our elections certainly didn't help things. 

I've been stating and restating the arguments against the no-fly zone in Syria since the GOP debates so I don't know if I need to rehash it again. But I did want to say that I like that Donald Trump and I are on the same wavelength here. Indeed, if I was advising Trump I would have told him to hit Hillary Clinton on this much earlier in the campaign. Had he hit her hard on this issue during the debates, it probably would have helped. I consider this another unforced error from the Trump campaign. After all it helped President Johnson defeat Barry Goldwater... 

Seriously, all Donald Trump would have to do to make the Daisy ad apply to Hillary Clinton is to change the names at the end. I personally believe that Trump is right. If Clinton gets elected there is a great chance for World War III. We have been lucky before and who know, maybe we will get lucky again and nothing will happen. Or a conflict will happen, but it won't escalate to nukes. But as I see it, the chances of a nuclear war with Russia are MUCH higher with Hillary Clinton than it is with Donald Trump. That alone is reason enough for me to vote against her and for him... 

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