Friday, September 23, 2016

Editor's Note: Exhaustion edition

As you may have noticed, posting has been a bit lite lately. I have been extremely busy at work. We are understaffed right now and I am doing someone else's job along with my own. It has also been totally crazy. I posted this on facebook, but this pretty much sums up how work has been lately:

Since it has been so busy, I haven't had a whole lot of energy for posting. Part of it too is a lack of things to post about. I thought about covering the latest riots in Charlotte or the bombing of an aid convoy in Syria, but I thought I would just be repeating myself, so I held back. And I didn't really see anything else I wanted to post about.

I might as well say as well, that if you ever see something that you want me to cover, feel free to contact me. Twitter, facebook, e-mail or even a blog comment can be used if there is something you want me to post about. I might not take you up on every suggestion, but I will at least consider it!

The good news is that I have a lot planned for the next week or so. I will, of course, be covering the first presidential debate. As always I will be live tweeting it as well. I may do a predictions post that morning, depending on what I can think of and how much time I have. My twitter account can be found here, and I recommend you follow it anyways if you are on twitter. I often live tweet events or just post random thoughts on twitter. These debates have always been a popular topic for me and I hope that everything turns out well.

I also plan to do another post about fantasy football. After what I am assuming will be an exhausting and draining debate, I will probably want to do something a bit more fun and less serious. My previous fantasy football post did well enough that I will do it again, but no worries, this will not become a fantasy football blog. If you aren't interested in it, it will be very easy to avoid. I am just going to talk about how my team is doing (spoiler alert, pretty good so far).

For now though, I am going to rest. Perhaps I will have a post or two up this weekend, but no promises.

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