Friday, August 12, 2016

A few quick thoughts on Hillary Clinton's health.

Hillary Clinton's official portrait. 

Hillary Clinton's health has been in the news (and by that I mean social media) lately for her health. The theory is that she is having seizures and is very sick. As evidence, see the following pictures and videos:

Hillary interrupted by protesters.

Hillary at a campaign stop.

Hillary helped up stairs. Reuters.

In addition to the above videos there has been speculation that the black secret service agent seen in the first video is a doctor that carries anti-seizure medicine for her. Also, one of the email leaks obtained by Judaical Watch said that Hillary was often "confused"

So what's my take on this? I do know that Hillary Clinton has had health problems in the past. She had issues with brain clots in the past, though those have been treated. It also seems as though a circumstantial case that she is not well is being made. Is it iron clad? Not at all.

Why? Because all of these issues that I have seen have other explanations. First, the reaction to the protesters seems natural. She was getting rushed by a crazy person, which is a scary thing. She certainly looked more scared then was warranted, but I don't think she was having a seizure. If anything it made her look weak, not sick. When Trump was charged, he looked like he wanted to fight, Clinton looked like a deer in the headlights. I also think the video of the "seizure" at a campaign stop didn't really look like a seizure. It certainly looked weird, but it also didn't look like she was actually distressed. Something happened there but  I also need actual proof that the secret service "doctor" is an actual doctor. The case hasn't been made at all. 

I do think the photo of Hillary being helped up the stairs shows that something is wrong with her but there is no indication that it is something as bad as a brain issue. It could be something as simple as a bad knee or a twisted ankle. Finally, I do think the e-mail from Hillary Clinton's most trusted aid, Huma Abadin saying that Clinton is often confused is probably the best evidence that something is wrong with her. 

Do I think Hillary Clinton is healthy? Probably not. She's in her late 60's and most people that age have some health problems. Is she in danger of dropping dead or going senile? Maybe, but not all that much more then anyone else here age, including Donald Trump. I would say that here previous health problems and being involved in four presidential runs, two for her husband and two for herself, plus a senate election on top of it, probably makes her chances of health problems going up. But I don't think it's a sure thing that she's already senile or on the verge of death.

I think the case for Clinton being crippled by seizures and on deaths door is very weak. I don't think that she is completely healthy, but there isn't much in the way of facts here. Just lot of ambiguous photos and videos.  

That being said, these kinds of questions aren't being raised about Donald Trump (or the third party candidates). Trump is actually older then Clinton but his health is pretty good. I think if all other factors were equal and I if the only thing I cared about was health, I would vote Trump over Clinton. I don't think anyone votes on health alone, but these questions were raised against John McCain and was used as part of the case against him and for Barack Obama. 

But if the situation was reversed and it was Trump that these claims were being made about? I still wouldn't vote for Clinton over Trump. As bad as confusion and seizures are, they have nothing on what Hillary Clinton has done and what she wants to do. Plus you have to remember if the president dies or is incapacitated, the vice president would stop in. What people should be doing is vetting Tim Kaine (and Mike Pence). 

So why write this up? Just to remind people on the right that the case for Hillary Clinton being sick is weak. It's not non-existent, but it's not as iron clad as people are making it out. I do think that this is a critical election issue, but we need more evidence. That being said, I am glad that the issue is coming up. Hillary Clinton's health needs to be accounted for and at least people are asking questions. 

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