Friday, July 1, 2016

Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch meet, giving the appearance of corruption.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch. AP.

Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with each other aboard her plane in Phoenix. Washington Post/AP. The two claim that they only met to discuss their "grandchildren" and not the Justice Departments investigations into Hillary Clinton's e-mail server. The meeting has created a firestorm of controversy for both Clinton and Lynch due to the obvious appearance of corruption. Lynch claims that she will still follow the FBI's recommendations when it comes to charging Hillary Clinton. 

My Comment:
Talk about stupid. Bill Clinton screwed up and screwed up bad. This is what we call and unforced error for the Hillary Clinton campaign. Obviously both Clinton and Lynch should have known what this would have looked like to the public. Why they chose to have this meeting is beyond me. 

This looks like a pretty clear case of corruption to me. There is no way that the leader of the investigation into Hillary Clinton should ever be meeting with her husband. We don't know what they actually talked about but I am sure it wasn't their grandchildren. 

My guess is that Bill Clinton wanted insider information about the investigation into Hillary Clinton. He wanted to know how likely she was to be charged and when it would be happening. He may have even tried to convince Lynch to not file charges entirely. Either way, it's information that Bill Clinton should not have.

So what does Loretta Lynch get from this? Well she's out of a job come November, especially if she ends up charging Clinton for her e-mail debacle. If Trump is elected she's out of a job for sure as there is no chance he would keep her on as Attorney General. With her in charge of the e-mail investigation, there is little chance that Hillary Clinton would keep her as well. 

Since Lynch is most likely going to be kicked out of office by the end of the year she may have thought that she could stay on due to this meeting with Bill Clinton. Though I can't prove a quid pro quo, my guess is that she was promised to keep her job if she keeps Hillary Clinton out of trouble. If that's true it's obvious corruption. 

Of course, I can't prove any of this and the only people that know what happened between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch are Clinton and Lynch. I guess it is possible that it was an innocent conversation but at this point nobody is going to believe it. Even if it was an innocent conversation both Lynch and Clinton are experienced politicians and should have been aware of the optics of the situation. 

And I think that is more circumstantial evidence that something unseemly has happened. Hillary Clinton's campaign is in desperate straights due to the popular perception that she is corrupt. This event adds to that perception so Bill Clinton would not have done this if it he didn't think that he would get something out of it. This meeting probably hurts the Hillary Clinton Campaign but not as much as an indictment would, at least in the Clinton's eyes. 

I'm not sure if that logic holds though. This plays right into the perception that the Clinton's are corrupt. And the story has gone viral, so millions of people have one more mark in the favor of the Clinton's being corrupt. I mean the attack adds write themselves.

I think this does hurt the Clinton's pretty badly. People already think that they are corrupt and in a lot of people's eyes this will confirm that. Trump will hit Clinton hard on this issue and I expect a lot of anti-Hillary super-PAC's will as well. Trump has never shied away from hitting Hillary Clinton and I expect him to bash her, Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch for the rest of the campaign. Indeed, Trump has already started to do so.

As for the e-mail scandal itself, I do think that there is enough evidence to charge Hillary Clinton. There is no reason whatsoever to have a public server when you are Secretary of State. The FBI has crucified people for less then what Hillary Clinton has done. She should be charged and it should have happened a long time ago.

I really do think that the Obama administration is protecting Hillary Clinton. Though Obama and Clinton do not like each other all that much, they both need each other to protect their legacy. A corruption scandal like this would greatly damage their images and could hurt their future earnings on the speech giving circuit. As long as Obama is in the White House, I don't expect Hillary Clinton to be brought to justice.. 

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