Friday, July 7, 2017

Rioters rampage through Hamburg Germany during G20 meetings.

A man walks past a pile of burning wreckage caused by the riots. Reuters. 

German police have slowly gained back control after a full day's riot in Hamburg over the G20 meetings. Reuters. 15,000 police were called in to quell the riots, which involved multiple incidents of assault, arson and looting. In the two days of riots 197 cops were injured in the riots and 19 rioters were arrested with dozens more detained. The riots were so bad that 1st Lady Melania Trump was unable to attend an event. The chaos was so bad that even a refuge from Syria was shocked at the damage the rioters were doing. Though the G20 conference itself was not disrupted by the chaos, it was a major embarrassment for Angela Merkel, though she was praised for protecting the conference. 

My Comment:
What a massive embarrassment for not only Germany, but for Europe itself. When the world comes to meet each other and try to work things out, what to the people of Germany do? Riot and wreck the place. It makes the country of Germany look absolutely disgusting. 

These rioters are members of various far left causes and in a sane world their actions would hurt leftist everywhere. But for some reason, leftist violence never seems to cause the visceral reaction that it does when I see it for the general public. I think it partially due to the media. When ever a crazy right wing person attacks something it is 24 hour coverage for weeks. But if the media downplays and justifies Islamic attacks they tend to memory hole leftist violence completely. Indeed, even in the Reuters articles, one of the least biased news services, they still labeled these thugs as "protesters" and not rioters. 

I also fail to understand what these rioters were trying to accomplish. If they just wanted to make people aware that not everyone likes the leadership of the G20, a peaceful protest would have been fine. If they wanted to make the entire country of Germany look worse than Syria, then they succeeded. That might actually be their goal, as from what I understand they don't think a communist revolution until the capitalist system is completely destroyed...

I wasn't surprised that Reuters found a Syrian refugee that was shocked by the violence. When I saw the first videos of Hamburg burning my thought was "hey this looks like Syria or Iraq, only with intact buildings". Then the rioters started to light fires and loot the buildings and then the resemblance was complete. 

I do have to say, semi seriously, that this riot might convince some of those refugees to head home. Right now I don't see what the difference is between the safer areas of Syria and Hamburg. The main difference is that the G20 will eventually end. But if I was a Syrian I might be thinking that if there isn't much difference between the level of safety between my home country and Germany... 

I am starting to think that these leftists groups, like Antifa, Black Block and the various other left wing terror organizations are starting to be a bigger threat than Islamist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda. Though those terror groups have a much larger body count, these leftist groups are doing much more in property damage. 

The also have to be having an effect on people. I know that the riots that happened in the United States effected me quite a bit. It makes people think that the government can't protect the people anymore. Even though it looks like the cops in Hamburg did a very good job protecting the leaders of the world, they didn't seem to be able to protect the common people at all. 

A lot of people are going to lose a lot of money from the damage done by these rioters. Many people lost their cars to arson and it's possible that insurance won't cover them. Not to mention the people that could lose their jobs due to attacks on businesses and the disruption of work costing people even more money. And I am guessing that most of the people hurt by the rioters aren't the big "fat cats" and global elites that the rioters are opposed to, but normal working and middle class Germans... 

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