Thursday, June 15, 2017

Video shows the Alexandria attack on Republican lawmakers.

 The above video shows the mass shooting targeting Republican lawmakers in Alexandria Virginia. It contains graphic content and language so don't watch if you are sensitive to such things. A few thoughts about the video:

 1. Though I am impressed that the person that took the video was able to do so with such clarity, he really should have realized that concealment does not equal cover. He hid behind a small metal trash bin that looks like it wouldn't be strong enough to deflect a bullet. It might have been the best cover available, but he probably should have found a better spot. Considering that some of the shots seemed like they came rather close to the witness, he may have lucked out.

 2. It is very unclear what the suspect was even aiming at. It seems that everyone that got injured did so during the initial volley of fire. After that he seems to be just shooting at nothing in particular. It could just be where the video is being recorded from but I really couldn't tell who he was shooting at. 

3. Some people have been critical of the protection detail for Steve Scalise after seeing this video. They say that they should have opened fire earlier. I disagree. With the suspect firing wildly and most of the victims of the attack in decent cover, waiting for him to run out of ammo for his rifle was probably the right move. 

4. Speaking of the rifle James Hodgkinson used, it still hasn't been revealed which rifle he used. Rand Paul said it might have been an AR-15. Other outlets said it was a "M-4" which is extremely unlikely due to them being military weapons and fully automatic, which wasn't used in the shooting. Still others have said it might have been a Kalashnikov (AK47). Finally, Fox Business News said it was an SKS rifle. I am certainly no expert on firearms but I do believe that I would recognize an AR-15 or M-4. They have a bit higher pitch popping sound than the rifle used in the attack. To me it sounds deeper and that would make the SKS more likely. 

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