Wednesday, June 7, 2017

New video shows the Notre Dame ISIS attack

Just a quick update to a previous post, video has been released showing the attack on a police officer at Notre Dame in France. The video shows him launching himself from the crowd and attacking a cop before quickly getting shot. The whole attack only lasts a couple of seconds while the rest of the video is background on the incident. There were other youtube channels that had the raw unedited video, but those tend to be taken down for some reason. The Today show wasn't my first choice, but for once NBC's report seemed fair enough to include.

With the release of the video it seems clear that this attacker, first name Farid, was even more of an idiot than I first thought. You can see from the video that he attacked a group of three cops, all of whom are alert. Before he could even strike a second blow with his hammer, one of the other cops put a bullet into him. I said in my previous post that attacking an armed cop with nothing but a melee weapon was a very bad plan. The only thing worse? Attacking multiple cops. I can't believe that he thought this would work.

I also am impressed with how quickly the cop that shot Farid was in ending the situation. He (I'm assuming he was a man, but I guess I shouldn't) had his gun out and firing before the suspect could react. Though I don't like the way he shot the suspect in the leg instead of the chest, it was still an accurate snap shot and I am fairly impressed that he was able to pull it off.

It is surprising that someone as accomplished as a PHD student would try this. While I am not surprised that he pledged his allegiance to ISIS, I am surprised that he wasn't able to come up with a better plan than that. Someone with enough IQ points to make it past grad school should have been able to execute a terror operation that at least kills one person. Still, I am not complaining that this guy was an idiot.

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