Wednesday, June 28, 2017

CNN's bad week continues... Reporter Van Jones calls Russia a "Nothingburger"

 A quick update to yesterday's post about CNN. Their bad news week continues with a follow up video that blunts some of the criticism of the original Project Vertias report. CNN's defenders said that the subject of that report, John Bonifield, wasn't a political reporter.

Possibly sensing that line of attack, Project Veritas released another video that seemingly shows that even the biggest news personalities at the network agree with John Bonifield. In the video Van Jones, a major media personality at CNN and one of the reporters that have extensively covered the Russia conspiracy theory, admits that the story is a "Nothingburger" a common media term for a non-story.

The video doesn't show much more than that. It's fairly short and only depicts a short conversation with Van Jones and the Project Veritas undercover reporter and their conversation is quickly interrupted by someone else. And it's obvious that the short conversation was edited down even more. Unlike the first video, there is a chance that there is some context we are missing. I struggle to think of what context that would be though.

I do have to say that one of the lines of attack on the video is completely wrong. Many people are saying that there is no context to when the video was made. A quick perusal of the video shows that it was taken on Monday, 6/26/17, as seen below in a screenshot from the video:

I do think that the video further hurts CNN. To have one of their top reporters admit that the story that they have been pushing for months is a "nothingburger" is a major blow. Whatever credibility CNN had is now completely gone...

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