Monday, May 1, 2017

Mass stabbing at University of Texas campus at Austin, 1 dead 3 wounded.

A victim of the stabbing gets treatment from emergency responders. New York Times/AP

A mass stabbing at the University of Texas at Austin has killed one man and wounded three more. New York Times. A suspect was arrested and named as Kendrex J. White. White, who is Black, targeted three White men and an Asian man. The suspect used a large illegal knife to stab the victims. No motive has yet been declared by the attacker but many suspect that the attacker was targeting fraternity brothers. There have been several threats and cases of vandalism against Greek life organizations at UT Austin. The attackers accused the fraternities of being racist and supporters of rape.

My Comment:
There is a lot of unanswered questions about this case and the national media isn't doing a whole lot to inform us of what is really going on here in Texas. I have seen rumors that someone with a concealed carry gun helped to stop this attack and I also heard that this was an organized antifa attack. Without any media repeating these rumors, I am forced to conclude that they are probably false. Both are plausible though, but neither have been proven. Given the lack of actual media reporting, most of what I will be talking about is speculation.

I don't know if this attack was targeting Greek organizations either. Though there have been several controversies on the Austin campus, and several cases of vandalism, it's unclear if the victims were even frat members. Is it possible? Very much so, but there hasn't been any proof offered. For whatever reason fraternities have been declared an enemy of the leftism, so it's possible that if this attack was politically motivated it could be that the attack was targeting frats.

I also find the arguments that these frats were racist and rapists is extremely unlikely to be true. From what I understand there were a few frat parties at UT Austin that were politically incorrect. Those parties were themed around illegal immigration and only the most motivated of social justice warriors would be offended by them. As for the rape claims, I generally disbelieve all reports about college rape rates that somehow make the problem worse than what you would see in South Africa. There is no way that the rape rate at UT Austin is 15% of woman. That's just not possible.

Even if the frats were racist and supported rape, that doesn't justify stabbing a bunch of people, who may or may not have been frat brothers. Violence isn't the answer and there is nothing that could ever justify this attack. Since that narrative is most likely false this attack was totally pointless and was made to make a political point that is not based on reality.

Still, the attack might not have had anything to do with frats specifically. I do think that the attack probably had something to do with left wing politics though. This attack occurred on May 1st, "May Day" which is a famous leftist holiday. Dozens of marches occurred today and antifa has been very active. Considering antifa is very active on campus in Austin and they have threatened violence before, it's plausible that White had connections with them and carried out this attack on their behalf.

However, looking at social media, I haven't found any direct connections between White and antifa. What I have seen is the same old anti-cop rhetoric that Black Live Matter loves to spout, though a lot more low key than actual BLM members. My guess if this attack was motivated by anything it was the same old anti-white and anti-police attitudes that BLM has pushed.

It's very possible that this wasn't politically motivated at all. White could have been mentally ill or just a violent person. But there is a circumstantial case to be made that this was a politically motivated attack. If it is than I consider it terrorism. Regardless of the actual politics of the attacker, if he killed people to make a political statement it was a terrorist attack. If he had the help of any leftist organization than they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Still, all of that is speculation. We have very little actual information about this attack from the media and I get the feeling that the story is being pushed out of the headlines. Right now Twitter stopped the story from trending and is promoting a bunch of leftist crap, like a throwaway comment by Donald Trump on Andrew Jackson and several hashtags about May Day. The MSM has at least written up the story but aren't saying much about the possible motivations. I was honestly surprised that the New York Times even covered the frat angle at all, so kudos for them I guess. I hope someday we get a media that is a bit more honest... 

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