Monday, March 6, 2017

Vault 7 Wikileaks discovery...

Wikileaks has a new tweet up about their very mysterious Vault 7 release. I've posted about Vault 7 before, but until now there haven't been many hints as to what it is. That is changing and I believe I have discovered a very important clue.

I noticed something with the image above. It just looks like a normal black background, but if you look close there is something else there...

 I saved the image and edited with GIMP. By messing around with the levels I was able to find this:

Still confused? Well it turns out that this is picture of a sculpture by Jim Sanborn called Lingua. Lingua is found in the Walter E. Washington convention center in Washington DC. That convention center is fairly famous for hosting political events, including several 6 of Barack Obama's inauguration balls.

Even more interesting is that Jim Sanborn has another sculpture called Kryptos that is found at CIA headquarters in Langley Virginia. It is famous for being encrypted with four different sections. Three of them have been decoded while the fourth has not been.

So what does this all mean? I have no idea. The speculation about Vault 7 has included everything from the Hillary Clinton investigation, to the 9/11 attacks, specifically World Trade Center #7, or, most likely, the 7th floor group in the state department, also known as the shadow government. It could be any of those possibilities or it could be something completely different.

My guess is that we can safely assume that whatever Wikileaks has here it is probably related to Washington DC. I also think it is fairly certain that either the State Department or the CIA is going to be exposed shortly. What those leaks are and how much damage they will do is the real question and given the reference to Year Zero, I am kind of nervous.

The Year Zero reference is fairly cryptic and more than a little terrifying if you know the history of the term. It is possibly a reference to the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. After they took power they reset the calendar to year zero as a symbol as how the entire history of Cambodia was over due to the communist revolution. Many, many deaths followed...

It could also be a reference to the Nine Inch Nails concept album of the same name. The album had a fairly massive plot and a deep alternate reality game that took place in a universe like ours. Though the villains in the album were right wing fanatics, the actual plot is fairly close to the real life Barack Obama administration... Still, that's a fairly obscure reference for Wikileaks to make.

Either way though, the reference to Year Zero implies nothing good at all. Is Wikileaks implying that whatever Vault 7 is, it is as important as resetting the calender's? Whatever is happening, I think it is important and could be a game changer. For now, we will have to wait, the password will be released tomorrow at 9:00 am Eastern time. I, for one, am eagerly awaiting it...

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