Monday, March 20, 2017

Update on the Orly attack. New video shows the incident.

Just a quick update to the last post. Video has been released showing the incident at the Orly airport. Initial reports that the suspect was unarmed were incorrect, he did have a gun though it's unclear if it was loaded or not. It also seems like it may have been a pellet gun instead of a shotgun. The suspect did try to steal the soldiers rifle but failed to do so and was shot.


 It has also been released that the suspect was indeed an Islamic extremist named Ziyad Ben Belgacem. He had a large bag with some gasoline and he was actually pretty stealthy when he grabbed the soldier. He also said that he wanted to die for Allah.

After watching the video I have to say that Begacem was even more incompetent than I thought. Though he was pretty smart by sneaking up on the soldier, he didn't really accomplish anything more than that. Given that it seemed like had a bit of time before anyone reacted, he probably could have at least killed someone and might have even been able to steal the soldiers rifle if he had tried. But for whatever reason he didn't.

Indeed, Begacem seemed to have trouble even controlling the smaller female soldier. I have to give her credit as she was struggling with him even as he had a gun to her head. She was overpowered but she didn't stop fighting. Given that she was taken from behind I can't really fault he for anything she did. I do think that her partners probably should have realized something had happened quicker but they still managed to stop this man before anyone got hurt.

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