Saturday, February 4, 2017

Donald Trump is right, America isn't innocent...

Donald Trump is gave an interview with Bill O'Reilly of Fox News fame which will be aired during the Super Bowl pregame show. Why is this news? Because the media is freaking out about it already. Specifically the above comment about Putin and America is, predictably, freaking them out. When asked about Putin being a "killer" by O'Reilly, Trump responded with this:

"There are a lot of killers. We've got a lot of killers. What, do you think our country's so innocent?"

Now, of course, if Barack Obama had said the same thing about a country the left liked, such as Iran or China, the headlines would be the exact opposite of what they are now. But since it is Trump and Russia the headlines are predictable. The headlines all seem to say something to the effect that "Trump defends 'killer' Putin" or some variation of that.

Obviously Putin isn't a nice person. He has killed a lot of people and fought in a bunch of wars. You know who else has done the same thing? Every President I have had in my lifetime, from Reagan to Trump. Every single one of them has launched military operations that have killed people. Bush and Obama alone have a bigger butcher's bill each than Putin could ever hope to have.

Indeed, everything that the media accuses Putin of, correctly or not, are things that we ourselves are guilty of in our past and present. We have invaded sovereign countries, like Iraq, Libya and Syria. We have killed journalists (most notably the two Reuters reporters killed in Iraq by accident in 2007 and, at the very least, we drove Michael Hastings to suicide for reporting on the NSA and CIA Director John Brennan). We have interfered with elections, including Russia's own.

And we have tried to justify all of these actions. And I think a lot of them, were justified. Not all of them of course, but sometimes you have to do bad things to get good results or prevent a greater evil. Putin has done the same things and sometimes he was justified and sometimes he wasn't. I think you can compare all of our actions to all of his and rule out all the justified or realpolitik instances and than figure out who the bigger villains are, but in the end it's still incredibly hypocritical for people to criticize Donald Trump for telling the truth. America isn't and has never been innocent and we certainly do have a lot of killers.

Don't get me wrong. I am not attacking America or saying that we are horrible. Indeed, I would defend a lot of our actions as necessary or at least understandable. But the utterly hypocrisy here is blatant and unforgivable.  America hasn't ever been innocent and no nation on the world stage has been. Trump's just saying something that we should all know already. The fact that people are trying to say that simply telling the truth is something shocking should tell you how far they are willing to go to bash Donald Trump. Putin may be a scoundrel, but so have all of the presidents that have served during my lifetime. It's part of the job...

Perhaps there is more context to what Trump said and perhaps he really did go on to defend Russia at greater length than what is strictly necessary. But the interview hasn't even aired yet and a simple, true statement has caused the media to lose their minds once again. I am really hoping, at some point, the media bias would come under control but so far, it's worse than ever...

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