Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump expected to issue executive orders on immigration this week.

Donald Trump speaks at the Armed Services Ball. Reuters. 

President Donald Trump is expected to issue new executive orders on immigration this week, including his controversial ban on immigration from Muslim countries. Reuters. Trump is expected to ban all immigration from Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Iran, Libya and Yemen. In addition, all refugees from all countries will be temporarily banned until a more vigorous vetting system can be put into place in a couple of months. Legal experts have said that Trump is well within his rights to restrict immigration. It is likely that Trump will enforce the ban by stopping the issuance of visas from those countries and rejecting visas that have already been issued. Trump is not expected to issue any orders related to the border wall or deporting illegal immigrants this week.  

My Comment:
Very good news from Donald Trump. The ban on immigration and travel from these countries was a major reason I voted for Donald Trump and it is good to see him keeping one of his campaign promises so soon into his presidency. This is a huge relief for me and I am glad that our country is not going to continue on the path that is currently destroying Europe... 

I am only surprised at one of the countries on the list. All of the countries listed above have major Sunni Muslim insurgencies going on and active terror groups except for one. Iran seems like the obvious man out here and I wonder why they made the list. The country is till a state sponsor of terrorism and supports Hezbollah, but they are also a Shia Muslim country. Though Shiites have occasionally conducted terror attacks, it is not common and I wonder what the reasoning was for putting them on this list. Perhaps it has something to do with fears of espionage? They are still our enemy after all. 

I also think that there are a couple of obvious countries not on the list that really should be. Specifically, Afghanistan and Pakistan also have huge problems with Islamic extremism. But they are not on the list despite the obvious threat. I am not sure why either. There is the theory that they are US allies but so is Iraq and they made the list. And though ISIS isn't very active in Pakistan they do control some territory in Afghanistan and it would be nice if both of them were on the list. 

Overall though this is a very good move. It's been clear for awhile that ISIS and other terror groups were using fake documents to take advantage of our loose immigration laws to come into our country. Europe has had several terrorist attacks that used that route and several attacks inside the United States happened because of 1st and 2nd generation migrants, many of whom came into the country via the refugee route. 

The media has also greatly downplayed the threat from false documents. Back in 2015 I posted about the fact that ISIS had captured a massive amount of blank Syrian passports and were issuing new ones that were indistinguishable from the real ones. ISIS got those passports from Raqqa and Dier Ez Zor and were being used to infiltrate both Europe and the United States. Though the situation has obviously changed in Syria since then I haven't heard any information suggesting that the threat isn't still there. Our media probably wouldn't report on it anyways, after this report landed, I didn't hear anyone talk about it. 

There are likely to be complaints on the left about this. I don't think any of those complaints are really genuine. Everyone understand the threat of ISIS or other terrorist groups coming into the country. Everyone also knows that by doing this we reduce the risk to our country from terror attacks. But the left will ignore that reality because they think it is racist and they also desperately want more Muslim migrants because they tend to support the Democratic Party. They think the risk of another 9/11 or Pulse nightclub attack is worth it if it means hurting the Republicans and not being seen as racist. 

The problem is that there is absolutely nothing that they can do about it. The president has absolute authority over immigration enforcement and the other party has no standing to question it. It is the president's role to handle this things and the legal experts agree. The only chance they had is if he had gone with his original "total Muslim ban" idea. Though that was probably legal, at least there it was a question if it was constitutional. A ban based on countries neatly sidesteps that issue.

Their is a problem though. The ban also effects non-Muslims, such as Christians, Yazidis, Druze and various other groups that are currently suffering genocide in the Middle East. The security threat is real though. There is no reason that an ISIS infiltrator couldn't just pose as one of these groups and they have done so in the past. Besides, it's not like America was saving these people anyways. Sunni Arabs were given the fast track while the rest of these people were left hanging in the lurch by the Obama administration. 

I do have some concern that Trump doesn't seem to be taking much action on illegal immigration in this country. There has been no action on the border wall or repealing Obama's orders on immigration. There also hasn't been an increase in deportation so far either. On the other hand, it's only been a couple of days and there is a good chance that Trump knows that if he did anything right away he might face more resistance then he would once he is more established. Either way, it's way too early to complain about Trump not keeping his promise on immigration, especially since he just fulfilled one of his largest promises on the issue. 

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