Monday, January 16, 2017

Left wing groups caught in undercover video planning a disruption of a Donald Trump inauguration event.

The US Capitol building during a dress rehearsal of the inauguration. Washington Times/AP

An undercover investigation has found a plot to disrupt a Donald Trump inauguration event planned by "anti-fascist" activists. Washington Times. Project Veritas uncovered the plot to target the "DeploraBall, a pro-Trump event occurring the day before the inauguration. The plot envisioned using burtyric acid, commonly used in stink bombs, to force an evacuation of the building. The back up plan was to somehow cause all of the fire alarms and sprinklers to go off at once. The activists, part of the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition are just one of the many groups attempting to disrupt the inauguration. These many groups have been posting under the hashtag #DisruptJ20. Due to the seriousness of the plot against the DeploraBall, the FBI, the Secret Service and the Washington DC metro police have been informed. The DC Anti-Facist Coalition has denied the hidden camera video. 

My Comment:
As always with Project Veritas, you must understand that these videos were probably not taken in context and some things have been edited out. That being said, the video was damning. There is no context that the video can be put into that makes what these people were saying correct. I'm all for free speech, but once the line has been crossed and you are plotting what is for all intents and purposes is a terrorist attack, than you don't have a right to continue. 

It's very clear to me what these men were planning was illegal. You cannot use a chemical to disrupt an event. Though butyric acid isn't deadly, it can cause harm and probably isn't safe to breath in. This attack probably wouldn't have killed anyone (though panic can cause injuries or even death) but it certainly would have caused harm. The 2nd plan involving setting off the sprinklers probably wouldn't have hurt anyone either, but it would have caused property damage.

And let me be very clear. This is not acceptable in any way. Using violence to advance your cause, even if the violence is minor and non-life threatening, is terrorism. Period. I am hoping that the FBI or whoever throws the book at these people and gives them the longest possible prison sentence. And that goes for anyone else involved in the #DisruptJ20 movement who wants to cause violence. We can not tolerate people who use violence to advance their goals. 

I also have to point out the irony of the entire anti-fascist movement. Not only are the vast majority of people they target are not fascist in anyway, they are using tactics that the Nazi's themselves would have used. Indeed, these anti-fascists have much more in common with fascism than the political groups they attack. 

I also think that these kinds of attacks and protests are a major reason that Donald Trump is going to be president anyways. I know for me personally that I voted for Donald Trump, in both the primaries and the general election, in part due to the attacks on Trump and his supporters during the election. I came out as an open Trump supporter after the attack on a Trump rally in Chicago that was carried out by operatives of Hillary Clinton who had similar political beliefs as the DC coalition. 

These organizations are being funded by someone. I think there should be an investigation into who gave the DC Anti-Fascist coalition their money and marching orders and when that person or persons are found they should be tossed into jail along with the rest of the plotters. I don't believe that these kinds of things happen organically anymore and I would love to see people higher up in the food chain exposed and denounced for what they are. 

As for the inauguration itself, I still say that it will probably go off without any major problems. Security is going to be so tight that I doubt any protests will be able to disrupt it. My worry is that softer targets, like the DeploraBall, will be hit instead. The DeploraBall wasn't an official event and probably didn't have anywhere near the level of security that the actual inauguration itself will have. Softer targets like the ball are prime targets for protest and violence. 

To be honest, there is probably more danger for the protesters and civilians near the inauguration then there is for the President elect and everyone participating in it. I think that the event would be a prime target for ISIS or ISIS sympathizers to strike. Though the event itself is probably safe, it is very possible that a terrorist could attack the easiest target available. And what better target then a bunch of protesters all bunched up together? They won't be able to hit the event itself but the people protesting it would be extremely vulnerable. 

Still, I think a terror attack, even a minor one like the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition was planning, is unlikely to happen at the inauguration. This plot has been disrupted and I seriously doubt anything will happen at the DeploraBall now. Security has been tightened up and people aren't going to want to attack a harder target. And ISIS is probably too disorganized in the United States to launch an attack. My original prediction still holds. 90% chance of the inauguration going off without a hitch, 5% chance of some minor disruption due to protests and 5% chance of riots or a terror attack. Let's hope I am right. 


  1. Its no surprise that anti-Trump factions are plotting to disrupt the inauguration. I too hope that no one gets hurt. I see ISIS taking advantage of the event. As you said, not against Trump butr against protesters or the general public. Or, the march on Washington the day after the inauguration. I put that threat much higher than you do.

    1. ISIS doesn't have much in the way of professional terrorists in the United States. The threat of lone wolf attackers though is the main concern. Thanks for the comment!