Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Press freaks out when President elect Trump ditches them to have steak with his family.

Donald Trump. Michael Vadon

I've been struggling to find topics to post about on this blog lately. It's not that there isn't interesting things going on in the world because there are. The battle of Mosul is heating up, South Korea has a massive political scandal involving cults, crazy feminists and shadow governments and there are massive protests across the United States.

Unfortunately it is very difficult to find quality sources to use for any of those subjects because the media has gone completely insane. Instead of doing their jobs, the media has gone on a crusade against President elect Donald Trump. They have given every single thing his transition team has done 24/7 coverage despite the fact that it's barely been a week since he won the election.

The most hysterical and senseless story that has come out lately is the one about Donald Trump ditching the press in order to have a nice steak dinner with his family. Here's a story from NBC News that is one of the more sensible ones. Others went even further saying that Trump is going to be the worst president in terms of press access ever.

Obviously, this makes the press seem insane. I have no idea why they would need to accompany a president elect when he goes out to eat. What news to they expect to cover there? I mean I guess he could choke on a piece of meat, but do we really need the press there for that? More likely they wanted to see how he ordered his steak so they could bash him no matter how he wants it done.

It also seems like they are throwing a temper tantrum. Trump has played them from the start and it's obvious he doesn't respect them. His appointment of Steve Bannon as chief strategist bothers him as well. Bannon's website, is not part of the traditional media, and the press worries that alt-right websites like Breitbart will have more access then outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post. This, more than anything else, explains the attacks Bannon is getting. He's not an anti-Semite, but he threatens the mainstream media, so he will be portrayed as a monster.

Since the press has gone insane it's been extremely difficult to find decent stories. They are making the election all about them. Trump had his role in this as well, since he has been playing the media from the start, but all semblance of good journalism has been lost.

I am hoping things calm down soon. I really do rely on the media to at least inform me of what is going on in the world. Right now they aren't doing a good job at all, which makes it much more difficult to write this blog. Hopefully that changes soon.

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