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More corruption. US assistant attorney general in charge of investigating Hillary Clinton's e-mails was passing information to her.

Hillary Clinton. Getty. 

Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik gave Hillary Clinton's campaign chair John Podesta a heads up about the email investigation. Politico. Kadzik e-mailed Podesta to inform him of new developments in Clinton's e-mail case, including a house committee investigation and a Freedom of Information Act request. The revelation came through the Wikileaks coverage of the Podesta e-mail leak. Complicating the issue is the fact that Clinton's email issue has resurfaced after a computer was found during the investigation of her aide's, Huma Abedin's, husband Anthony Wiener, sexting scandal. After the development FBI director James Comey reopened the case. Peter Kadzik works at the Justice Department and is deeply involved in the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails and has a close relationship to John Podesta. 

My Comment:
The e-mail can be found via Wikileaks here.

So what's my take? Obvious corruption. It's pretty clear to me that Peter Kadzik was a mole in the Justice Department for the Hillary Clinton campaign. It's been proven that, at the very least, he was giving her campaign information that she did not need to have. That's some fairly obvious corruption and at the very least warrants more investigation. 

Peter Kadzik should have and still should, recuse himself from the Clinton e-mail case and any of the other federal investigations into the Clinton camp, including the investigation into the Clinton foundation and the Anthony Wiener case. Someone that has close ties to someone they are involved in investigating should not be working the case at all. Though his role is supervisory, he still should have nothing to do with hit. 

This is just the latest incident in the internal war between the FBI and the rest of the government about Hillary Clinton. Though Comey himself wimped out and didn't charge Clinton, it's clear that the FBI wanted her to be arrested. The Justice Department, lead by Lorreta Lynch, wanted nothing to do with it. Lynch herself opened herself up to charges of corruption when she met with Bill Clinton on a tarmac right before Comey said he wouldn't recommend charges in the case.  

That makes it very clear that the Justice Department and the FBI weren't on the same wavelength on Hillary Clinton. At the very least there is the appearance of corruption. People like Lynch and Kadzik should not be sending information to people like Bill Clinton and John Podesta when they are investigating Hillary Clinton. That's completely obvious. Even if there is no out and out bribery or horse trading going on here, it still is fundamentally unfair for the government to be tipping off a suspect in a very serious case. 

And this case is incredibly serious. Forget the fact that Clinton is running for the top office in the country. Her actions as Secretary of State was unconscionable. To freely e-mail secret and top secret information, on a private sever no less, is a very serious crime that put the nation's national security at risk. 

But it gets worse. She was obviously using the private server so she could avoid government accountability and Freedom of Information Act requests. She may have even been doing it to hide possible criminal activity related to the Clinton Foundation. 

And the war between the FBI and the Justice Department has gotten worse. The FBI wants to indict Hillary Clinton, not only for the email issue but for the Clinton Foundation case as well. The Justice Department has refused in both cases to charge Hillary Clinton and the people in charge, Lynch and Kadzik, who at the very least give off the appearance of corruption, put an end to that.

So why did the e-mail issue come up again if the Justice Department is corrupt? Here's what I think happened. Anthony Wiener couldn't keep it in his pants so he sexted an underage girl. That information became public so the NYPD investigated. As they were looking for child porn they either found a computer, perhaps the one that had the Clinton server archive on it that was "lost in the mail", or Wiener cut a deal for the same computer. 

When the NYPD found the computer they saw what was on it and contacted the FBI. The emails that the FBI saw were damning enough that they had to reopen the case and even James Comey had to go along with it. My guess is that it was the lost laptop with the Clinton archive and even the pressure from the Justice Department wasn't enough to keep it quiet. I'm even hearing rumors of FBI agents resigning over the case and the NYPD threatening to leak the information if something wasn't done. 

How much of that is true? I have no idea. But I think there is a circumstantial case that it is the case. Either way, the investigation into Hillary Clinton is not going away, even if she wins. If she wins, expect an impeachment very quickly. If she loses, and I think she will, she is going to prison. Period. 

Finally, I have been hearing some very dark and very crazy rumors about this case. Reddit seems to be convinced that the FBI is communicating with them via twitter and the various archive releases they have been posting. The FBI is supposed to be non-partisian so Reddit and the various chans think that they are outsourcing the investigation to them. And they are saying that the Clinton Foundation is way more then a slush fund for the Clinton family. They things I am hearing about them are, quite frankly, beyond evil... 

In any other year that would be crazy tinfoil hattery, but this year, anything is possible. The problem is that there is no proof for any of it. Yet. But even if only 10% of it is true, then this is the biggest story since Watergate. Even if it isn't this is a huge scandal that needs to be investigated further. And Hillary Clinton should be completely disqualified for running for president... 

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