Thursday, November 10, 2016

Anti-Trump protests and riots erupt across the nation.

Anti-Trump vandalism at the Lee Memorial. Fox News/AP.

Anti-Trump protests and riots have erupted for the 2nd day after the election of the businessman. Fox News/AP. However, questions are being raised about how organic these protests are. People have reported buses full of protesters being brought in and adds on craigslist asking for full-time protesters. These protests have occurred in almost every single city and have included vandalism. In New Orleans, vandals spray painted threats and profanity against Donald Trump on the Lee Memorial. 

My Comment:
I have mixed feelings about this. One the one hand, I am obviously disgusted by this behavior and my only solace is that these protests are not organic. Someone is paying these people and if it wasn't for the influence of George Soros and others, they would not be happening, or at least not on the scale they are now. I am, of course, totally opposed to this kind of political violence and this should never, ever happen. 

On the other hand it is always gratifying to see one's enemies double down on a failing strategy. I think that the violence against Trump supporters and violent riots in general were a major factor in why Trump won in the first place. People were sick and tired of people destroying cities because they didn't get what they want, especially when the reasons for those riots were completely unjustified. 

Once again, I don't think the left realizes how counter productive these kinds of protests are. Trump supporters, and most people in general, value peace and stability and they are not going to blame Donald Trump for these riots. They are going to blame the protesters and the leftist leaders that are directing and funding them. 

These protests are also confirming many of the negative stereotypes the right has of the left. Not only are we confirming that a large subset of the left is completely unhinged, we are also confirming the "weak millennial" stereotype. I personally view this as a giant temper tantrum and it confirms that the left is full of people who would rather burn the country down then build it back up. 

I also have to say that the reason for these protests are incoherent. They are saying that Trump is going to destroy all rights for LGBT people, women and minorities. Were these people paying any attention at all? Remember, just a little while ago Donald Trump was onstage holding up the "Rainbow" flag that represents the LGBT community.  


Indeed, Donald Trump is the most supportive candidate for LGBT rights the GOP has ever elected or run for president. Even though he has vowed to protect the LGBT community after the Pulse nightclub shooting, even though he said that the bathroom law in North Carolina was a mistake, and even though he said he had zero problem with Caitlyn Jenner using the female restrooms at the Trump Tower (which actually happened without incident), Trump is still being treated as some kind of homophobe. It has absolutely nothing to do with reality. 

The same could be said for woman's rights and the treatment of minorities. Trump has said time and again he wants to help all Americans, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, and race. Though I understand why some people would be upset with some of Trump's policies but people are acting like he is going to be the next Hitler when there is nothing close to that happening. He is the most centrist GOP president to be elected ever on social issues, with immigration being the sole exception. Shouldn't that be cause for celebration for the left? Even if they lost the election, they are winning the argument on LGBT rights and other issues.  

These protests will eventually die out. After the election day freakout people are starting to calm down and accept a Trump presidency. People are realizing that it's going to happen and there isn't anything they can do about it. To their credit, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have helped things by conceding and ensuring that the turnover will be smooth respectively. Eventually, the rank and file Democrats will go along with their leadership. 

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