Saturday, November 26, 2016

A few thoughts on the death of Fidel Castro...

Cuban Americans celebrate the death of Fidel Casutro in Miami Florida's Little Havana neighborhood. USA Today/Naples Daily News.

Fidel Castro, the communist dictator of Cuba, has finally died. He had transferred most of his power to his brother, Raul Castro quite some time ago, but he still had quite a bit of significance. People are celebrating and mourning his death throughout the world. In Little Havana, Cuban Americans are celebrating his death, while leftists across the world are mourning him. 

Count me in the first category. I'm not Cuban but I despise Communism and I am happy to see the last cold warrior go. I never liked Castro and hated his politics. I am glad he is dead. He's a brutal dictator and had a huge role in the Cuban missile crisis. Had we not been really lucky with that crisis, the world might have ended before I was even born. 

Castro also had a horrible record on human rights. He often jailed his political appointments and has routinely opposed LGBT people. Fidel Castro generally treated his people horribly and is not someone to be looked up too.

Worst of all he was a champion for Communism, the most evil and stupid ideology to ever exist. And he did a lot to spread that cancer throughout the Americas. Many of the communist revolutions in South America happened because Fidel Castro and his government were funding or even sending troops in support of the ideology. 

Which is why I am so disgusted to see so many people on the left praising Castro, most notably Prime Minster Justin Trudeau of Canada. Though no figure is so evil that there isn't something admirable to find in them, even Adolf Hitler liked dogs, it's horrible to defend Castro. Whatever good he did for the Cuban people it was far outweighed by the damage he did to them and the chaos and destruction he caused in South and Central America. Not to mention his role in the Cuban Missile Crisis...

So what happens next in Cuba? Unfortunately, I don't see much change happening. Raul Castro is still in power and I don't see him changing anytime soon. Cuba will still be a Communist dictatorship and the Cuban people will still be oppressed. Though Obama lifted the sanctions on Cuba, there is a good chance that Donald Trump will bring them back. Nothing will change. Essentially, it's the status quo for the foreseeable future. 

What is needed in Cuba is a second revolution where Raul Castro and the Communist party are overthrown. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening anytime soon. Dissent is Cuba has been stamped out for so long that I doubt that even a civil war would work. There is always a chance of a peaceful transition of power but I have lot hope of that happening anytime soon... 

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