Friday, October 7, 2016

The media goes all out against Trump. Faux scandal about locker room banter erupts.

Gage Skidmore

As you may know, the mainstream media found footage of Donald Trump saying some rather crude things back in 2005 with Billy Bush at some soap opera event. I won't post it here since I don't want the people hosting it to get any money from it but the summary is this:

Donald Trump said he tired (and failed) to have sex with a married woman. He also said some crude things about a woman's breasts and pointed out that because he was rich and famous, women would let him do things to them, including touching their genitals (the exact phrase was grab them by the pussy). 

Is it crude? Sure. Should he have said it? Probably not. Does it mean that he is some kind of horrible woman hating rapist that disqualifies him for president? According to the media, yes, but I don't agree. Bill Clinton did way worse and he actually served as president and is still revered by the left, so I would say no. Indeed, I am honestly surprised that the reaction was so negative. 

Does it reflect poorly on Trump? Sure, but it's also nothing new. Everyone knew that Trump was a womanizer and a cheater. That was never an unknown thing with Donald Trump. People supported him anyways because for one we expect that from both celebrities and politicians. And, believe it or not, people like Trump on policy. 

But what is really disgusting is how the media is trying to spin this. They say that he is a rapist and a woman hater because of this even though there is absolutely no evidence of that being the case. Nothing he said indicated he did anything non-consensual. Indeed, he specifically said that women would let him do that if he wanted to because he is rich and famous. The key word there is "let". By definition if someone lets do do something then it is consensual. 

Even worse, the leaked audio proved that when a woman rejects him, he backs down. Trump said the woman he tried to cheat with shot him down. You know what didn't happen? He didn't pursue it afterwards. He let it go. That is the very opposite of a rapist. To point it otherwise is just utterly disgusting and, to be frank, evil. 

So why is the media reacting this way? Well the obvious reason is that they think it hurts Donald Trump. They are completely biased against Donald Trump and will do anything to make sure that he doesn't get elected and to make sure Hillary Clinton does. It's not a coincidence that this dropped two days before a debate and on the same day that Wikileaks dropped a bunch of e-mails on Hillary Clinton, some of which are damaging. 

But that's not the only thing. I think it's clear that this is another example of classism. Though I have no doubt that rich people talk like this, Donald Trump is living proof, you can't deny talking like this is seen as low class. It's similar to the banter you would hear at a mechanic's shop or Army barracks. And since the media hates the lower classes, they are acting like this is the worse thing that has ever happened. The difference is that rich people do it behind closed doors while the poor are more open about talking this way.

Either way, lockeroom banter is universal human behavior. I don't think I have met any man who hasn't said something similar except for all but the most timid men I know or the few gay guys I have met. And I have heard dozens of women say similar things about men. This is something that everyone does when they think they are with someone they trust. 

The main difference is that it usually isn't so explicit. Instead of saying "women let me grab their pussies" you hear someone saying "I'm good with women". Somehow, due to the stupidity of the English language and the actions of PC though police, one of those is acceptable and the other isn't, even though they essentially mean the same thing. 

I'm trying to put myself in the woman's position here. If a woman had tried to get with me, failed, and then said similar things about my body, would I be upset? Not really, especially if it was in a private conversation. As a matter of fact, it has happened before, and I didn't make a federal case out of it. Would I also be upset if a woman said she was so rich and famous she could go up to men and grab their penises and they wouldn't mind? Of course not, especially if there was no evidence that she went through with it and the comment was nothing more than banter. I am guessing if audio came out of Hillary Clinton saying the exact same things that Donald Trump said with the genders reversed, nobody would care. I certainly wouldn't. 

Speaking of Hillary Clinton the double standard here is amazing. Clearly Bill Clinton, who has been accused of actual, honest to God, rape gets a free pass. Not only was a serial cheater, he has also been accused of way worse by Juanita Broaddrick. And Hillary Clinton herself has quite a foul mouth as well. She bashed many of the woman that Bill cheated on her with and has been quoted at saying some pretty horrible things to the cops and secret service agents assigned to protect her. And let's not forget she bashed half the country with her "Baskets of Deplorables" and "Basement Dwelling Baristas" comments. 

I would say that any of the things that the Clinton's have said are way worse than what Trump has said. But even if you think Trump's comments are unforgivable then you should also think what Hillary and Bill Clinton have done is unforgivable as well. Unfortunately, I doubt many Hillary Clinton voters will be swayed by that argument because of tribalism. To them Donald Trump is the devil and the Clinton's are angels and nothing could convince them otherwise. 

And before I get accused of tribalism myself, remind yourself that I just said that if the genders were reversed and Clinton had said the same thing about men, I wouldn't care. And if Bill Clinton had said something similar, I would give him the benefit of the doubt even with the accusations against him. Feel free to quote me on that.

Finally, this kind of media reaction to a private conversation 11 years after it happened is exactly why I am supporting Donald Trump in the first place. Who hasn't said something in the past that would make them look bad when unearthed 10 years later? I am sure that some of the stuff I said 10 years ago was way worse then what Trump said, at least according to Social Justice Warriors. Even though I am not the same person I was back then and have some different beliefs now And who's to say 10 years in the future that what is normal now will be considered a horrible evil? After all, it wasn't so long ago that almost everyone was opposed to Gay Marriage, and now people like Brenden Eich are forced out of their jobs for being opposed to it (incidentally, I was opposed to gay marriage in favor of civil unions 10 years ago too, should I lose my job for it too, even though I'm in favor of it now?). Who's to say that something as innocuous as saying "hey, that girl over their is pretty hot" won't end up being purge worthy in 2026?

Which is why we need to fight this garbage now. If we let the media get away with an inch with Donald Trump, they will take a mile with everyone else. Soon it really will be a crime to say that you are attracted to a woman if you are a man, especially if you are a conservative one. We have to speak out about this now before things get that bad. I'll be doing that here on my blog and when election day comes, I will be doing it in the voting booth. I hope that everyone reading this will do the same thing. 

Does this hurt Donald Trump? I think it depends on how he handles it. I am hoping that the second Trump gets called on it at the debate he throws everything back at the Clinton's. Mike Pence had the right idea at the last debate. He either ignored questions like that and attacked Clinton, or he gave a brief defense and immediately hit Clinton again. Either way, the focus should be on the horrible things that Hillary and Bill Clinton have done, not on the stupid things Donald Trump said. If he can pull that off then he should be golden, but if he does what he did at the last debate where he got angry and defensive, then it could actually hurt him. Right now the media is focusing 100% on Trump and won't give the Clinton scandals the time of the day, so he needs to refocus the conversation on them. I really do believe that if people heard all the accusations against the Clinton's, they would not vote for them. They might not vote for Trump either, but at the very least, they would be making an informed choice. 

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