Monday, October 17, 2016

Somebody has cut off Julian Assange's internet connection and Wikileaks claims it's a state actor.

Julian Assange. BBC/AFP.

Wikileaks leader Julian Assange has been disconnected from the internet at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. BBC. Wikileaks posted a tweet claiming that a state actor had taken him off of the internet, though those claims have not been verified. Wikileaks also claims that contingency plans have been put into place. The incident occurs after more leaks from John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, dropped last week. 

My Comment:
Very little to go on right now but this story was too important to ignore. This is going to be largely speculation on my part here, but forgive me, this is completely crazy and I want to talk about it. Obviously, Julian Assange has made some very powerful enemies. Most obvious among those enemies is the United States government. Many of the most recent leaks from the Podesta e-mails were embarrassing not only to Hillary Clinton herself, but to the entire US government.

Social media is, quite understandably, freaking out. They are saying that Assange is dead or that the US government captured him and sent him to a black site. That is all speculation at this point, and I won't contribute to it further other then to say I would believe anything at this point.

Here's what I do know. Before this happened, Wikileaks posted a bunch of mysterious tweets which I will post below...

Something is obviously up there. My guess is that this was a confirmation code that Assange and Wikileaks has some kind of incriminating information about the three things just mentioned.  My guess is that Assange new his time at the embassy was almost up and wanted to protect himself by showing the groups mentioned that he had the dirt on them as well. People have been saying on the internet that they are hash codes used to identify documents, but I have no idea if that is legit. No matter what though, Wikileaks was trying to get information out to someone.

If I had to guess I am thinking that the United States government was able to pressure Ecuador into kicking out Julian Assange. Assange is wanted on dubious sexual assault charges in Sweden, but I doubt that they would have put so much political pressure on Ecuador over that.

This is obviously about the leaks that Assange and Wikileaks has put out. Though the Podesta and DNC Leaks were greatly damaging to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party in general, what could be coming might even be more so. Rumor had it that Assange had copies of the 30,000 e-mails that were deleted from Clinton's server and was just about to release some of them before the debate.
Will that happen now? Very hard to tell. I can't imagine that Assange doesn't have contingency plans for this kind of thing. He has a dead man's switch set up and if something does happen to him, his revenge will be epic. He has been collecting things for years that would be massively damaging to the world's government and if he releases them all at once it could be earth shaking. Though I hope there is still a good outcome for Assange, if there isn't, I for one am waiting with baited breath for that to happen...

I am rather disgusted at this entire thing. Though I have criticized Wikileaks in the past, their work with the Snowden NSA leaks and this entire election cycle has been a great service to everyone in the world. To see them silenced like this is horrifying.

It also confirms to me at least that the leaks that Assange was putting out there were real and that he has even worse stuff to come. I won't speculate what those things are but I will say that I have been seeing a lot of internet chatter claiming that they involve some seriously shady stuff from the Clinton's.

Since what Assange was revealing to the public has largely been proven true (and even the Clinton's don't deny that, they just claim that the Russians did it), this is pretty clearly a violation of free speech. There is an obvious public interest in finding out what Assange has and that information could have a massive impact on the election. If the rumors of what is on those 30,000 e-mails are true, it means that Trump could win in a landslide.

This action seems like a pretty obvious and heavy handed attempt to stop that from happening. If so it means that the Obama administration is basically interfering with our election. With out a full accounting of Hillary Clinton's sins (and I believe that is what was about to be released) how can America make an informed choice? We can't and that is the problem...

My hope is that Assange is still safe and hasn't been turned over or killed. Right now I have no way of knowing if that is true or not. His leaks though should still be able to come out. I am guessing that Assange isn't the only person in his organization to have access to the leaks. They need to come out and come out now because if it is true that the US government is moving in on Assange, we might never get another chance to bring this information to the light...

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