Sunday, October 23, 2016

A few thoughts about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama...

Hillary Clinton's official Senate portrait 

A while back I admitted that I almost voted for Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama in the 2008 election cycle primaries. I in no way supported Clinton but at the time I thought that she was a safer option on terms of policy. I also thought she had a better chance of losing against whoever the GOP candidate was. It was going to be a tactical vote, but in the end I couldn't go through with it. I ended up not voting in that election and then voting for McCain in the general.

I think now I have to admit that I was wrong about Barack Obama when compared to Hillary Clinton. Though in my view the Obama administration has been a disaster in both foreign and domestic policy, Hillary Clinton would have been worse.

How? Well for one, Barack Obama is capable of backing down on foreign policy sometimes. When the Ukraine war flared up, what did he do? Pretty much nothing. When he led the war in Libya, what happened? Mostly airstrikes and the death of four Americans in the Benghazi incident. And when the time came to decide whether to go to war in Syria, he decided, after massive public outcry, to back down.

If Clinton had been the president then? I think for sure that we would have 100,000 troops in Syria right now, and we would be losing the war. I also think that we would probably have 50,000 in Libya as well. Worst of all, I really think that Hillary Clinton would have gone to war with Russia over Ukraine. That could have lead to a nuclear war, which means that if she had been president, I don't think I would be here writing this post.

Given the fact that Hillary Clinton is openly calling for a no-fly zone in Syria, which would involve shooting down Russian and Syrian jets and probably attacking their anti-air missile sites and destroying their ships in the Mediterranean, I am almost thinking that it would be better for America if Barack Obama were to remain the president. He won't get us nuked for stupid reasons. His Syrian policy has been a disaster, but at least it hasn't been a world ending disaster.

Of course, I want Donald Trump to win, and more importantly, Hillary Clinton to lose. Hell, I would even prefer Jill Stein or Gary Johnson over her. But it seems clear to me that Clinton is the war hawk candidate that makes even Barack Obama's reckless and feckless foreign policy look preferable. Given that I despise Barack Obama and would have him arrested for his presidency if I could, that's a damning statement. But I really think it is true...

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