Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A few quick thoughts about tonight's debate...

The final presidential debate starts tonight at 8:00 pm central. As always I will be watching along and live tweeting it. My Twitter account can be found here, and I hope people will be able to follow along.

There is a small chance that I could be called into work tonight. If that happens I will be hugely disappointed but it may be unavoidable. If I do have to go in, I will post something here and on Twitter about it, but I think there is only a 5% chance of it happening. Which is 5% more than I would like, but what are you going to do?

This debate is going to be brutal. Trump has to be pissed off about the groping allegations against him. It's his position that they are all made up, and I tend to agree with him. At the very least they were time to be released when they would be the most damaging. Expect Trump to go after Clinton harder tonight then he has ever done before. He has absolutely nothing to lose and no longer has any reason to hold back. I mean would you hold back against someone who accused you of sexual assault?

I also think that the horrible news that Clinton got this week will dominate the debate. Clinton and the moderator, Chris Wallace, will try to focus on the Trump Tape scandal but there is no way that Trump will let that stand after the events of this week. Expect multiple references to the Podesta e-mails, the James O'Keefe undercover videos and the FBI report about Hillary Clinton. All three of those stories have been hugely damaging to the Clinton's and this is Trump's last, best chance to get that information in front of the millions of people watching the debate tonight. The media is only reluctantly covering these scandals and this is Trump's best chance to inform the voting public of them.

There is also a chance that there will be even more damning information released today. I think that James O'Keefe is going to release another tape today, though I am not sure if that is going to happen. I've seen what O'Keefe has had to say on Reddit and other places and he claims that he has video of Hillary Clinton saying some very racist things about a black woman. If he does and those tapes are released it could have a major impact on the debate. I don't know if that's what he is posting today or not, but I sure hope it is. This would be perfect timing to drop it because it would throw Hillary Clinton off of her game.

I also expect that voter fraud is going to be a major theme of the night. Trump has been going on and on about how the system is rigged and now he's got some stronger evidence of that being true. The 2nd O'Keefe video showed pro-Clinton supporters openly discussing voter fraud in a way that certainly looks like they were up for trying it. That's not something that can be dismissed so easily.

Supposedly this debate is going to be about policy. Fox New put out a list of topics that will be covered. If the debate actually follows this format then it will be a good chance for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to remind voters where they stand on policy issues. The last few debates had precious little of that, so perhaps this debate will have an upside as well.

Finally, I am wondering if Hillary Clinton is healthy. She has essentially dropped off the face of the earth the last few weeks and I can't imagine all that time has been spent on debate prep. She has mostly sent her spokespeople and surrogates to do events for her. Hillary's health has taken a back seat after everything else that has happened since she collapsed on 9/11 but the fact that she has essentially disappeared during the most important weeks of her campaign makes me think that there is something wrong with her...  

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