Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New DNC Leak appears to show pay to play corruption

A list of top DNC donors and their positions. From the DNC Leak. 

The latest DNC leak dropped yesterday and it isn't getting the coverage it deserves. Though the story is trending on twitter and is popular on Reddit, the mainstream media has completely ignored the most disturbing allegation. Instead they are focusing, almost exclusively, on negative comments Collin Powell made in hacked e-mails about Donald Trump and the interim DNC Chair, Donna Brazile, whining about how it's all Russia's fault. 

But the most disturbing revelation in this round of the DNC Leak is the pay to play scandal that appears to be brewing. Nobody seems to be covering the story. Indeed, the most mainstream source I could find on the issue is RT is pretty much Russian propaganda, but I have seen the leaks myself. You can see the evidence right above. 

It seems that a decent number of people have donated thousands or millions of dollars to the DNC are people that were assigned to diplomatic posts. Though it isn't iron clad proof, it certainly implies that they gave money to the DNC in order to be assigned to these positions or after they were appointed. That's the very definition of pay to play and it is obvious corruption. At the very least it has the appearance of corruption. 

Is this illegal? I am not a lawyer so I can't answer that question. I do know that Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich went to prison for trying to sell Barack Obama's old Senate seat, so I don't understand why it wouldn't also be a crime to sell an Ambassador posting or the chairman of the FCC. Usually at this point in a political scandal we would have the media telling us if it was a crime or not. But instead they aren't covering it at all.

Why? Because it hurts Hillary Clinton and the Democrats of course. It's fairly obvious now that the DNC has some control of what the mainstream media covers. The DNC leaks have shown that these allegations are basically true and I am guessing the DNC gave marching orders to the media so they would not cover this aspect of the DNC leak. 

This obvious bias is why even though everyone on twitter is talking about the DNC Leak, the media is talking about Collin Powell's comments on Trump. Though his comments were newsworthy, I don't think they match the pay to play allegations at all. And the media is also largely ignoring the negative comments Powell made against Hillary Clinton as well. 

I have seen some people argue that the reason the media isn't covering this issue is because pay to play for ambassadorships is expected and common. That may be true, but that doesn't make it right. If it really is normal for ambassadors to buy their way into the job then we need to change the way that ambassadors are picked. The fact that corruption is common doesn't mean we have to tolerate it! 

The pay to play issue was probably the most shocking issue revealed in this round of leaks but it isn't the only one. There is also more allegations that the DNC screwed Bernie Sanders out of the nomination and even allegations that they dropped his supporters from the voter rolls. If true that's huge but I can't find any reporting on that whatsoever. Once again, the media is biased and won't cover serious allegations if it's against the Democrats.  

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