Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton's horrible weekend continues with concerns about her health entering the mainstream.

Hillary Clinton waves to reporters after recovering from her medical incident in New York City. New York Times.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been diagnosed with pneumonia after leaving a 9/11 memorial event early and collapsing on video. New York Times. The report confirmed Republican critics of Clinton who long claimed that there was something wrong with her health. Clinton had been at a 9/11 event when she had to leave early. As she was being brought to her car, multiple cameras caught her stumbling and collapsing into her vehicle. Clinton had recovered enough 90 minutes later that she was able to walk around outside and speak to the media saying that "I'm feeling great!" Though her doctor confirmed that Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, the doctor did not elaborate on what kind of pneumonia she had. 

My Comment:
What a terrible weekend for Hillary Clinton. She had already put her foot in her mouth with her "basket of deplorables" speech, which insulted many Americans. That incident hurt her, but this one will hurt even more.

Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comment who reinvented himself as a political pundit, argued that it may cost her the election. The symbolism here is pretty terrible for Clinton because of the day it happened on. She was at a 9/11 memorial, the event commemorating the worst attack in recent American history. To see her wither and fall there, of all places, is some pretty powerful symbolism.

I won't speculate too much on what kind of pneumonia Hillary Clinton has. It could be due to many things. Pneumonia is a serious condition that kills 4 million people a year and it is not a good thing to be diagnosed with. Some of the risk factors for it include various other lung conditions. I do know that Hillary Clinton has bad allergies, but I doubt that is the issue. More importantly, pneumonia can develop in patients who have had a stroke. There isn't any confirmed evidence that Hillary had another stroke, but it is a possibility.

I have talked about Hillary's health before. Back then I said that the case wasn't strong that there was something seriously wrong with her because the vast majority of evidence was circumstantial at best. Though there was video of her acting strangely and pictures of her getting helped up stairs, there was very little evidence that her problems were anything other then normal. Those theories have gotten a lot more credibility. The inconclusive evidence has now been backed up with Hillary Clinton's collapse.

It also looks like the Clinton campaign was covering up her health. She has been coughing and hacking for quite some time now. Though nobody said "pneumonia" until today, it seems likely that she was suffering symptoms for quite some time. Though it is possible that she was just diagnosed now, given how her handlers were acting during the incident I think that is unlikely. It seemed as though they had done this before and none of them were surprised that Hillary was collapsing. That's just my take on it though.

In short, this issue not only makes Hillary Clinton look unhealthy, it also makes her looks dishonest. She should have come clean about her health issues a long time ago. Though people would not like it if she is seriously ill, it has to be better then what just happened. She's seriously ill now, but now everyone thinks she was lying about it.

So why does Hillary's health matter? Well for one thing people don't want a weak commander in chief. One that gets overheated on a semi-warm day in New York. People also have to be worried that if she is elected, she will drop dead in office, or be incapacitated  forcing her vice president to take over. Even worse she could be completely unhealthy but refuse to let her VP take over, leading to bad judgement in office.  It's pretty hard for a country to project power when their leader is in a coma or something.

Though Donald Trump is a bit older then Hillary Clinton, he hasn't had any kind of health incidents that I am aware of. For a man his age, he seems healthy and the health concerns that have dogged Hillary Clinton has not touched him. Though I doubt anyone votes for a candidate just based on their health, if they did, it's easy to see who the better choice is on that metric alone.

I have to stress again how horrible of a weekend this was for Clinton. She had been taking a hit in the polls with her lead largely evaporating. She then had a speech that was largely criticized, even by her supporters, as being a Mitt Romney "47%" moment that rudely attacked a decent chunk of the electorate. Hoping for a quiet day after that, she goes to a 9/11 memorial. Trying to look presidential, she ends up falling ill and then video is made of her collapsing. That footage goes viral and even media outlets that support her, like Washington Post and the New York Times are covering it like a real issue.

I can't picture a worse weekend for Clinton, unless she gets caught molesting a kid or Wikileaks drops a bomb confirming that she's a vampire or something. These two events will probably hit her at the polls bad enough that Trump should overtake her. Since I think the polls are already biased against Trump, a poll that says they are tied means that Trump is actually winning. In the next few days the polls will say that he is up a couple of points, while in reality, Trump will be winning and winning by a large amount.

I don't know if Clinton's campaign is over. It's possible that she will recover, but at this point unless something amazing happens, she will probably lose the election. Still, with as crazy and surreal election cycle where almost everything that can happen has happened, it's possible that she won't. Donald Trump was right when he said that Clinton would still have supporters if she went out and murdered someone. Hillary Clinton is nothing if not resilient, even as her body fails her. Don't count her out yet.

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