Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Three more resignations from the Democratic National Committee follow the DNC Leak.

Protesters outside the Democratic convention. AP.

Three more people have resigned from the Democratic National Committee due to the fallout of the DNC Leak. ABC News. Following the resignation of chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, CEO Amy Dacey, Communications Director Luis Miranda and CFO Brad Marshall followed suit and resigned as well. Marshall and Dacey had come under withering criticism after e-mails surfaced that showed them trying to exploit Bernie Sanders religion to hurt him in the primary. They wanted to use both the fact that he was a Jew as well as the unsubstantiated claim that Sanders was an atheist to hurt him in Kentucky and Washington. 

My Comment:
More fallout for the DNC after the leaks. It's clear to me that both Dacey and Marshall needed to go. What they tried to do to Bernie Sanders was pretty disgusting. Though it is hardly new to use a candidate's religion against them, it is pretty bad when it happens in a primary contest where the DNC is supposed to be neutral. And it's especially bad in a party that is supposed to be the tolerant one. 

I think there resignations are all part of the plan for the DNC though. They want disgruntled Sanders voters to vote for Hillary Clinton. Right now all the Sanders supporters I know personally are voting third party, so that's probably a good idea on the DNC's part. Getting rid of Dacey and Marshall will allow them to say "hey, what are you mad about, the people responsible are gone!" I don't think it will work for the Democrats, but it's worth trying. 

It's clear though that getting rid of a couple more people at the top won't matter much when the rot is as deep as it is in the DNC. The leaked e-mails showed that the DNC was completely collaborating against the campaign of Bernie Sanders. Many of the e-mails were just stupid stuff but the ones about this collaboration are probably the most damning. 

Well that and the fact that the media and the DNC were collaborating to help Clinton. It was clear that, at the very least, the DNC was coordinating with the MSNBC to silence Mika Brzezinski when she was critical of Clinton. It's clear that the corruption between the media and the DNC runs deep.

Speaking of which, I had originally saw this story on my twitter feed earlier but couldn't do anything with it at first. I had wanted to write it up but when I looked at my typical news sources I had quite a bit of difficulty finding it again. Plenty of stuff about Donald Trump's faux scandals but nothing about a huge shakeup in the DNC. I eventually found this article but only after putting in "DNC Resignations" into google. That's the only way I was able to find it. Seems like the story is being hidden on Google News at least. 

I've come to expect nothing less this election cycle. It's clear that the media is entirely in the bag for Hillary Clinton. Not only did they coordinate with the DNC to help her and bash Bernie Sanders, they have been running negative stories non-stop against Donald Trump ever since the end of Democratic Convention.

And to be sure, the Democratic convention was an utter disaster for the Democrats. It was an open insurrection for sure. Sanders supporters were furious because of the leaks and they did everything in their power to disrupt the convention. They booed every time Clinton was mentioned, were kicked out and were protesting on the streets. Even Hillary Clinton had her speech disrupted. 

In any other year that story should have dominated the news for months afterwards. But thanks to the media, you haven't heard about it at all this week. No mention of Sanders supporters being upset at all. All you hear is bashing Trump for the non-scandal with Trump and Kazir Khan. 

Which makes me wonder what people are supposed to do. If you listen to the mainstream media all you have been hearing is that Khan is a grieving father who wants to stop Trump from deporting his dead son... somehow. If you look on any right wing site though you will find out that he's actually an immigration lawyer who's business will be directly hurt by Donald Trump's policies. And he has deep ties to Hillary Clinton as well. He's far from unbiased. Does that make what Trump said ok? I will let you argue that one yourselves, but you can't say that people are getting the full story. 

Sure, right wing sources aren't "reliable" but what else are you to do when the so called "reliable" news networks are lying through their teeth? The only thing I can come up is trying to actually read the sources the media is using to attack people like Trump and Sanders. Often times, when put into context, the source of the outrage is easily explained. Otherwise you just need to get your news from multiple sources. 

Still, I think that the DNC and Hillary Clinton are in trouble. There is clear bias in the media and people aren't going to forget what happened at the convention. Even if the media has completely stopped talking about it the DNC Leaks were a huge deal. And, according to Julian Assange, more leaks are coming specifically about Clinton. When that happens nobody will able to fall on their swords like the four people from the DNC just did. It will be all on Clinton. 

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