Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Orlando Pulse shooter Omar Mateen's father shows up at a Hillary Clinton rally.

Saddique Mateen at a Hillary Clinton Rally. WPTV.

I'm going to skip the normal format for this one because I am at a loss for words. Omar Mateen, the ISIS terrorist who killed 49 people at a gay club in Orlando Florida, has a father. His father is apparently a Hillary Clinton supporter. How do we know this? Because he showed up to one of her rallies and was visible right behind her when she was speaking. A local news station, WPTV, tracked him down and interviewed him. He says he likes Hillary Clinton and supports her efforts on gun control and foreign policy. He essentially endorsed her, which is just crazy.

To be fair to Hillary Clinton, I bet she had no idea this happened. And I don't want to play the same game that the media played with Trump whenever some idiot like David Duke endorses him. I don't think Hillary Clinton needs to denounce Seddique Mateen. It's not her fault that he likes her. And denouncing him or not won't effect what I think of her at all. She doesn't get to pick who her supporters are and Mateen is crazy enough that his reasoning is rather irrelevant.

But man, this still looks terrible for her. Seddique Mateen's son committed the worst mass shooting in US history and pledged allegiance to ISIS. He's one of this years greatest monsters and is widely hated by just about everyone. Nobody likes Omar Mateen and to hear Clinton's name associated with him has to hurt her right? Even if she doesn't get to choose her own followers and can't really be blamed for it.

Seddique Mateen is a piece of work. Not only was his son, to be explicitly honest, a total shithead, he's kind of an asshole himself. He supported the Taliban, and then didn't support them and also claimed that he was the president of Afghanistan. His wife got arrested for beating him up and it seems like he was losing his mind. Plus he raised one of the most notorious terrorists to ever attack in America. I also think he might be delusional, to put it mildly.

I wonder if Seddique Mateen really understands how much his life has changed. His son killed 49 people and is infamous throughout the country. Did he think people would just ignore his presence at a Hillary Clinton event? I know if I was him and wanted to help Hillary Clinton, I would do it as far away from her as possible. The last thing she needs is to be associated with the worst terrorist attack since 9/11. But if I was him and wanted to discredit her, I can't think of a better way to do it then to show up at her event and give an interview saying how much I liked her. If I didn't know better I would say that this was a Trump plot somehow, but Mateen seems genuine and even Trump wouldn't try something that crazy.

I have to say I feel a bit of schadenfreude here. Donald Trump was raked over the coals because he was endorsed by white supremacist David Duke. The mainstream media crucified him after he didn't disavow him hard enough. I am sure they will give Hillary Clinton a pass here using the same excuses they should have used for Trump. Neither candidate gets to choose who endorses them or who shows up at their events. But I don't doubt that there will be those on the right who will try to do the same thing to Clinton. I don't agree with the logic, but I also understand that turnabout is fair play.

Finally, I  have to say this election is just insane. To the point where I have no idea what will happen next or who will win. At this point aliens could drop from the sky and abduct both candidates and install Kang and Kodos from the Simpsons and I wouldn't be surprised...

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