Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mass stabbing in London kills one woman, injures five.

A mass stabbing in London has killed one woman and injured five more people. The Guardian. The attack occurred in Russel Square near the British Museum at 10:30 pm local time. The woman who died was treated on the scene but died at the hospital. A suspect was arrested at the scene after being hit by a Taser fired by the police. Terrorism has not been ruled out as a possible motive for the attack.

My Comment:
Very little information at this point even though the event happened hours ago. I can't help but to think that the police have more information then they have and aren't releasing it for some reason. I know that they have to notify the families of the dead and injured but you would think at this point that they would have released more information that that.

My guess is that there really is a terror link and the cops are trying to catch other people involved in the planning of this attack. Why else would they have waited so long to release any news about the attack? I mean the attack began at 10:30 pm local time but we didn't really see anything on the news about it until about 2:00 am local time. That's almost four hours, which is longer then a mass stabbing that happened in the capital of the United Kingdom.

I know that the UK has different rules for the press then we do here in the United States. While freedom of the press is in our constitution, there is no such protection in the UK. The government there is allowed to suppress stories if they feel it is needed. I wonder if this is the case here. Perhaps I am just used to quick response to these kinds of incidents, but I also think more might be going on here.

But it is also possible that this was just a run of the mill stabbing. Not every mass attack is related to terrorism. It could just be a lone psycho or a fight that got out of hand. There is a lot of violence in the UK and stabbings aren't exactly rare there even with their laughable amounts of tyranny when it comes to weapons. The UK doesn't just have gun control, they also have knife control. The obvious question is if knife control works, where did this guy get his?

Still, I am leaning towards this being a terror attack. Why? It fits the pattern. This attack seems very similar to the ax attack pulled off in Germany a short while ago. A lone guy with any weapon he can find attacking a crowd of people. In this case though, someone besides the attacker died. ISIS has called for these kinds of lone wolf attacks many times before and this attack certainly fits the pattern.

If there is any good news about this attack it is that they were able to capture the killer alive. Most times the suspect either blows himself up or gets shot by the police. Though this attacker was only armed with a knife, it was still very dangerous for the cops to try and subdue him this way. Through their heroism they will be able to interrogate this man and figure out if he has any links to terror groups. That rarely happens in these kinds of attacks so this is an intelligence boon for the UK.

If there is a connection to terrorism then this attack marks an end to a few days of respite. The terror attacks were occurring almost daily in France and Germany. Not a whole lot of people died but the attacks were happening very quickly. They stopped for a few days and now they have started up again. Not all the attacks were ISIS related but most of them were.

The UK has largely been spared the kinds of massive terror attacks that France, Belgium and Germany have been getting. Which never made much sense to me. They have had terror attacks in the past and they have a large and radicalized Muslim population. But for the most part they haven't had anywhere near the number of attacks that the other countries near them have had. It may be because they haven't let in the huge number of refugees that France and Germany have let it. Many of last months attacks were committed by refugees, so it seems that the UK make a good descion there.

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