Monday, August 22, 2016

Hillary Clinton's scandals are getting so severe that even the mainstream media is covering her.

Hillary Clinton's official senate picture.

Hillary Clinton's campaign is reeling after the release of more e-mails showing apparent corruption between her aide and the Clinton Foundation. Politico. One of the e-mails showed that Clinton's aide Huma Abedin acted as a go between between Clinton Foundation chair Doug Band and Crown Prince Salamn of Barharin while Abedin was working at the State Department with Hillary Clinton. Roughly 750 more e-mails from Abedin was released by Judicial Watch, who may have more emails to release. A Federal Judge has also ordered an investigation into Hillary Clinton's e-mails. Clinton is under withering attack by Donald Trump and other Republicans for the Clinton foundation, especially the fact that the foundation took massive amounts of money from foreign governments. 

My Comment:
Very bad news for Hillary Clinton. After the convention she got a nice boost in the polls, which was due to the Democratic Convention, a few unforced errors by Donald Trump and the fact that the polls were being rigged in her favor. But that bump seems to be over. Trump has caught up to her in the polls, even passing her in a few outlying ones.

Why? Well this scandal isn't going away for Clinton. It's clear to me that we are going to see a steady stream of e-mail releases up until the election. Many of these emails are going to show the same kind of graft and abuse of power as the ones showing Huma Abedin's actions did. The Clinton's have a lot of skeletons in their closet and a lot of them are being exposed for the first time. And amazingly enough, even the mainstream media is covering the story. The article I used as a source was Politico, a news outlet that has been in the the tank for Clinton since the start of her campaign.

The real problem for Clinton was never her e-mail scandal (though her recent blaming of Colin Powell for it didn't help). It's the Clinton Foundation. The foundation has always acted less as a charity and more as a slush fund for the Clinton's. It also shows how much influence foreign governments have over the Clinton's. The fact that Clinton's top aide was still shilling for the Foundation while she was employed at the State Department also shows that they weren't above breaking the law. 

Still, none of the emails in this latest release are going to stop Hillary Clinton. People are used to the Clinton's being corrupt. None of the e-mails released so far are so beyond the pale to damn her in the eyes of the Democrats. I think they are pretty severe and disqualify her from the presidency, but I am not a typical Democratic voter. I am guessing without a smoking gun, most of her supporters will continue to do so.

So does that mean Trump is doomed? Not so fast. Like I said, he is catching up in the polls. These scandals do hurt Hillary Clinton because even if they don't convince die hard Clinton supporters they do hurt her with independent voters and people who hate Trump. Trump may be a blowhard but he is pivoting to the center, and though he consistently puts his foot in his mouth, none of his faux scandals come close to the things that Hillary Clinton has been accused of doing. People may be able to stomach him over Clinton, or will vote third party or stay home. 

I also think there is a wild card that the Politico failed to mention. That wild card is named Julian Assange, the head of Wikileaks. Assange was never a friend of Hillary Clinton. She has called for his arrest and she generally has a world view that is incompatible with Assange's beliefs.

But I get the feeling that it is personal for Assange. Though I think the Seth Rich conspiracy theory is still far fetched, I do think that he was Wikileaks source for the DNC Leaks. Rich turned up dead and many people believe the Democrats killed her. I think Assange believes that Rich was killed by the Democrats and he takes that very personally. Expect him to release more devastating emails, timed to do the most damage as possible. 

Plus there is this:

I am thinking that Assange will see this as an attempt to intimidate him, even if it was something unrelated. I also don't think that it is likely that it was anything else. Assange is probably feeling paranoid and he knows that Hillary Clinton is his enemy. If he gets too scared he might just dump everything, and I mean everything, that Wikileaks has collected over the years.

I think there is going to be a major October surprise for Hillary Clinton. I think that Assange will release what he has on the Clinton's, including the e-mails she deleted. And Judaical Watch and the State Department investigation may uncover even more. There is also even the possiblity that other outside hackers, like Gucifer 2.0, could release even more.  And even though the media is in the tank for her, they will have to cover it, just like they had to cover the DNC Leaks. Will it be enough to let Trump win? Very possibly, especially if he can avoid any stupid scandals. If Trump also wipes the floor with Clinton at the debates, which I expect him to do, then Clinton will lose for sure.

Still, I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch. The Clinton's have survived scandal after scandal. They have proven to be very resilient, and it is possible that they have something up their sleeves as well. And it is also possible that Trump will make some kind of huge mistake, though that seems unlikely. I still think that Clinton will probably lose, even after the couple of bad weeks that Trump has had, but it's still a few months until November. If history has taught us anything, it's that a lot can happen in a couple of months...

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