Monday, August 15, 2016

2nd day of riots in Milwaukee ends with an 18 year old shot by rioters.

The burnt out BP station destroyed in Saturday's riot. 

More violence rocked Milwaukee as a 2nd night of riots hit the city. Chicago Tribune/AP. Violence against the police continued with rocks being thrown at officers as well as reports of scattered gunfire. Officers have changed tactics and are attempting to draw fire and abuse in order to protect the community. Milwaukee police chief Ed Flynn blamed the violence on the Chicago based Revolutionary Communist Party. The protests were reasonably peaceful until the communists riled up the crowd and attacked the police. An 18 year old man was also shot and wounded in the attack. Flynn also debunked the reasoning for the riots as they confirmed that bodycam video showed that the suspect, Slyville Smith pointed a gun at the police. He also debunked rumors that Smith was shot in the back. The autopsy report says that he was shot in the chest and arm. 

My Comment:
So far tonight things are peaceful, but we will see if that changes. Things were calm last night until the communists riled everyone up. I would have covered it last night but I had to work. That's right, I was earning a living and paying the taxes that will pay for the police and government response to these riots. I am hoping that there won't be any more violence but I am not going to be surprised if there is more.

I was right about communists coming in and making things worse. The police say that the night was going fine until the Revolutionary Communist Party showed up and caused the riot. They are from Chicago and I though that that would be one of two places agitators could come from. Madison is the other place but I am starting to think there won't be too many protesters from there. Why? Well for one thing, school is out. The major source for protesters would have been from UW-Madison, a long known home for leftist activists and agitators, and it's summer break for them. 

But the other reason for the mostly White Madison liberals not showing up? I think they realize that this crowd is fabulously hostile against white people. There is a lot of video from the first night of the riot of the rioters attacking and beating white people just for being white. The 18 year old shot last night? He was white too. 

It's clear to me at least that this riot stopped being about the death of Slyville Smith and became a genuine race riot. The rioters are not trying to get justice for him, they are trying to attack and hurt white people. Sure, there probably are a few peaceful protesters, but they are going to be drowned out by these rioters.

Of course it's clearer then ever that the cops were likely justified in shooting Smith. He had a long criminal history, including a witness intimidation case. (amazingly enough I actually saw someone on twitter, a verified account no less, saying that he only had parking tickets. Five seconds on the Wisconsin courts page shows that he had a long rap sheet). The autopsy report also says he was shot in the chest and arm, not the back like people were claiming. Finally, and most damnably, there is bodycam footage of Smith aiming a gun at the cops. Obviously, we haven't seen that footage yet but we probably will eventually and when it happens the police will be vindicated. They couldn't possibly lie about that because they know the backlash would be huge. 

The news coverage about this has been rather disgusting. The national news media has been completely biased in favor of the rioters. They don't even call them that. They call what is happening in Milwaukee "unrest" "protest" or an "uprising". It's none of those things. It's a racial riot, plain and simple. The media is also not covering the obvious attacks against white people. Nobody is mentioning the various attacks on whites, the videos showing people screaming about beating up whites or the fact that the 18 year old that was shot last night was a white male. 

I'm not sure what can be done to stop these riots. Deploying the National Guard might be a good idea. Doing so would probably end in violence but it looks like violence is already here. Other then that I don't see how this ends peacefully. Bad weather could help but it's been rather nice in Wisconsin lately. I think that if the National Guard show up and rough up the rioters it would probably be the end of it. But I also think the media would crucify them for bringing back peace and sanity to Milwaukee.

I am very surprised that this story isn't making waves in the election. You would think that Donald Trump would be focusing on these riots strongly. Though Wisconsin is technically a blue state, we have a Republican Governor and outside of Madison and Milwaukee, the state is dominated by the GOP. If these riots continue, it's possible Wisconsin could come into play. But for whatever reason it seems like Trump is ignoring the problem. 

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