Monday, July 11, 2016

The Cologne sex attacks were much worse then originally reported.

German police patrol in Cologne. AFP. 

The New Years Eve sexual attacks were much worse then originally reported. Washington Post. Originally officials only reported a couple hundred sexual attacks but now the numbers have been adjusted up after a document was leaked to the press. In total, 2000 men assaulted 1200 women, with 600 attacked in Cologne, 400 in Hamburg and the rest throughout the rest of Germany. Only 120 suspects have been identified, half of which were recent arrivals in Germany. Only 4 suspects have been convicted with more trials upcoming. Two of those convictions resulted in 1 year suspended sentences for an Iraqi and an Algerian. In response to the attack, Germany passed "no means no" rape laws that will allow charges to be brought when someone ignores the will of the victim. This new law will also make it easier to deport sexual offenders. 

My Comment:
I am not surprised that these numbers were adjusted up. It was clear from the reaction in the media when this attack first happened that these attacks were horrible just because the media covered it. At the time I thought that there was no way the German authorities were telling the truth about what happened. Normally, if the attacks had occurred with the numbers that were reported, the attack would have been buried completely. The fact that they reported hundreds of attacks told me that the true number was probably much higher. 

These attacks were horrible and one of the worst example of mass sex attacks I have ever heard off. You really have to get into things like rapes during war to get to this level of sexual violence. The stories from the Cologne attacks were horrifying. Women were groped, assaulted and in some cases even raped. The men that tried to defend them were attacked and injured. And the authorities largely stood by and let it happen.   

The vast majority of attackers are going to get away with it as well. There were very few CCTV cameras in the area and without them it would be very difficult to identify the people that participated in these attacks. Unless someone was arrested at the scene, most of the attackers will never face justice. 

But the worst part of this is the fact that even the ones that were convicted got insultingly lite sentences. An one year suspended sentence is nothing. Hardly even a slap on the wrist. In my state, Wisconsin, the actions of the attackers in this case would be a class C felony, which can be punished to up to 40 years in prison. Our statutes have a clause written into them that regardless of anything else, if you commit a sexual assault, not even rape but simple non-consensual sexual contact, with the assistance of someone else, you are guilty of a serious crime. 

I guess it is possible that Germany doesn't have a law against such gang attacks. After all, they just made "no means no" into a law. But I am thinking that the prosecutors and judge(s) in these cases were afraid of doing the politically incorrect thing and throwing the book at these suspects. Apparently punishing people that commit a serious crime is "racist". They could have thrown the book at them but they chose not to because of political pressure.

That's not even a joke. Leftist groups in Germany actually protested against the "no means no" law because it would make it easier to deport people that commit sex crimes. That makes zero sense to me. I mean if a tourist came into America and raped or attacked someone, I wouldn't have any problem with them being deported after they faced justice. It wouldn't matter at all if what race or religion they are at all. Indeed, I am fully in support of deporting the British citizen that tried to murder Donald Trump after he serves his sentence and he's a white male. 

I mean let's look at the scenario. For some reason the leader of Germany invites refugees from the Islamic world in the Middle East and Africa. Some of these people are legitimately fleeing bloody wars and are let into the Germany with open arms. Indeed, the German people welcomed the refugees not as guests but as heroes. They opened their homes and their hearts to people that had been through a lot.

And how did these refugees repay them? They sexually assaulted German women, beat an injured German men and took advantage of the trusting nature and political correctness of the German people. Not all of them did, but enough that you would think that it would change some minds. And, given the rise of the far-right in Germany and Europe in general, it did. But the leftist still defend the refugees to the point that in their minds deporting a convicted sex offender is a worse crime then the sexual assault he committed. I just don't understand that line of thinking at all. 

There is clearly a problem with sexual assault in the Islamic world. It's clear they have different beliefs about sexual assault and rape in the western world. Part of that is legitimately the fault of Islam. The religion has a poor history of treating women with respect. But it's not just Islam. Part of it is cultural as well. Many of these refugees and immigrants really believe is a women is dressed a certain way she really is asking for it. That's a common complaint that feminists have against all men for some reason, but here is a group of men that actually believe that! 

Of course to even point out that there are cultural and religious reasons for these sexual assaults is to risk being called a racist. I think that telling the truth in this situation is worth the risk. Because if we don't understand the nature of the problem then we can't do anything to solve it. 

And let's not forget the scale of the problem. The New Years Eve attacks were not the only ones. They were just the most recent and the worst. There have also been attacks in other parts of Germany, Sweden and the UK. Indeed, the attacks in Rotherham reached a level of institutional sexual assault where the crimes were being covered up in the name of political correctness. The treatment of women in Europe by refugee and immigrant communities is a huge issue and a few more laws aren't going to do enough to protect them... 

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