Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A family of four in France was stabbed by a Moroccan man for being "scantily clad".

A picture of the resort. Breitbart. 

A Moroccan man has been arrested in France for stabbing a woman and her three daughters for being scantily clad. CBS News. The three girls were aged 8, 12 and 14, and the 8 year old was critically injured and fighting for her life because of a punctured lung. The family was wearing shorts and t-shirts when they were attacked. The man, a Moroccan who was on vacation in the Alps. French authorities

Breitbart has a bit more information about this case. They quote French sources that claim the Moroccan man was identified as "Mohammad" and is a 37 year old Muslim who was known to French police but had no known links to terrorist groups.

My Comment:
This story is getting buried and buried hard. Right now the media would rather cover a couple of lines Melania Trump may have lifted from Michelle Obama in a 17 minute speech then yet another attack in Europe. They definitely don't want to cover an attack on a women and her three girls.

Why? Because it is another attack on women by a presumably Muslim man. Though Breitbart isn't the most reliable source, a simple google search shows that 99% of Moroccans are Sunni Muslims. That means that a Muslim man stabbed a women and three children for what they were wearing. Apparently, to this man, normal western clothing for women means that the victims were dressed like sluts and deserve to die.

Obviously, that is an incredibly stupid thing to believe. What a woman is wearing has very little to do if she's a "slut" or not and even if it did, that's no reason to stab someone. And nothing could ever justify stabbing an 8 year old girl. Period. And if wearing t-shirts and shorts is justification for attacking women and girls then almost all of them in Europe could be at risk.

It seems clear to me that France might be going through a massive cultural shift. Remember it wasn't so long ago that women in France would go to the beach completely topless. Now they are getting stabbed for wearing a t-shirt and shorts. It's getting dangerous to wear normal clothing among Muslims now apparently.

If this had been a non-Muslim attacker you would be sure that the usual suspects in the United States would be going nuts over this attack. Feminists have often argued that what a woman wears does not give permission for someone to assault them. They are usually talking about sexual assault but even in this case, it's still a case, to borrow one of their terms, of "slut shaming". For once, I am in complete agreement with them. What a woman chooses to wear does not justify attacking them.

Since we are in agreement, surely many feminists are denouncing this attack right? As far as I can tell they are not. To be fair I don't hang out on the feminist parts of the internet and the news cycle is crazy right now, but you would have thought I would see something denouncing this attack. But, alas, I have not. That could change in the future, but I have my doubts. And I know that the response would be different if this attack was conducted by a white male.

Why? Because according to the left, Muslims are more oppressed then women. I don't know what race or religion the victims were, indeed they could be Muslims as well, but the left has an unfortunate habit of dismissing attacks on women if they are conducted by Muslims. Criticizing Muslims, even if they are attacking another member of the leftist coalition, is considered racist by the left. We saw that with the Cologne attacks on women and the Pulse shooting targeting gays.

I haven't talked about the terrorism factor here. Was this a terrorist attack? I doubt that this was inspired by ISIS or another terror group and the attacker didn't seem to have any links to terrorism. I doubt he was doing this in the name of ISIS or some other group, but it is possible.

 But I still consider this a terrorist attack. Why? Because it was political violence. This Moroccan man was making a political statement with this attack. He wanted everyone to know that women and girls should dress a certain way and if they dress in normal western clothing they can be attacked or killed. That's political violence for sure, so I consider this to be a terrorist incident, even if others might disagree with me.

France has been going through a difficult time for the past couple of years. This attack is just the latest in a long line of horrible terrorist attacks. First there was the Charlie Hebdo attack, then the Paris massacres and then the most recent attack at Nice, with several minor attacks sprinkled in between those attacks. It's getting to the point where I am starting to wonder if their isn't going to be a huge backlash. I have already heard reports of French people booing their politicians while they were commemorating their attacks. I am predicting a change of government soon, hopefully through elections. I think the French people are reaching their limit and they simply won't tolerate these kinds of attacks for much longer. Let's hope whatever happens is a peaceful change of power...

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