Thursday, June 2, 2016

ISIS terror plot broken up in Germany.

One of the suspects arrives in court in Germany. Washington Post/European Pressphoto Agency

Three Syrians have been arrested in Germany for a plotting a Paris-style terror attack in Dusseldorf. Washington Post. The men had infiltrated the country via the Turkish/Greek migrant route. The plot would have involved firearms, explosives and suicide bombings much like the attacks in Paris. A fourth suspect informed French authorities of the plot. The attack would have targeted the city center of Dusseldorf which is famous for its many bars and pubs. Two of the men were members of ISIS and a third was suspected to be a supporter. The men also had links to al-Qaeda's organization in Syria, al-Nusra Front. The fact that the men infiltrated Germany posing as refugees or migrants has reignited debate in Germany about the crisis.

My Comment:
Looks like Germany got very lucky here. Had one of the conspirators not gotten cold feet and gone to the French authorities this attack could have happened. And it would have been a bad one. Two suicide bombers attacking the bar district would have cause casualties and the gunmen involved would have shot many people until they were stopped by the authorities. There would have been massive casualties As far as terror plots go this one seemed like it would work. The only problem would have been getting the weapons and explosives. 

The fact that these men infiltrated with the millions of migrants that arrived in Europe the last couple of years goes to show that the dissenters were right. There are huge downsides of letting in millions of people from the middle east, not the least of which is the fact that ISIS is using them as a way to send troops and terrorists into Europe. This latest plot isn't the first time this has happened, but it is more evidence for the argument. 

Unfortunately, there is little that will be done. Germany does not care about the threat of terrorist attacks. Their government wants the Syrians and other Muslims as a workforce to lower wages and keep German industry going. It's to the point that the European Union has gone so far to ban free speech about the issue on social networking. You can't even speak out about the threat these migrants may pose in Europe anymore. It makes me wonder if this post will be censored in Europe... 

Germany has been very lucky to avoid any major terrorist attacks recently, unless you count the massive attacks on women during the New Year's Eve celebration this year. I think part of that is just luck, but some of it has been geography. Most of the recent European terror attacks have been based out of Belgium due to lax security laws there and central European location. Those attacks occurred in France and Belgium largely because they were closer. 

However, as more and more ISIS members infiltrate via the migrant routes and as more and more Islamist migrants arrive, the threat in Germany, and Sweden and Britain as well, will grow. I am sure that there are more active terror cells in the country and I also think that there is a huge population of refugees and migrants for ISIS and other terror groups to draw recruits from. It's only a matter of time before one of these cells or a lone wolf attacker conducts a terror attack. 

And the threat is very high. We are about to enter the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. Last year ISIS had a string of major terror attacks during the first weeks of summer. The most notable of these were Sousse attacks in Tunisia and the bombing of a Mosque in Kuwait. Most of those attacks occurred outside of Europe but one lone wolf attacker beheaded his boss in France and tried to ram a gas tank at a factory. 

Given how numerous and violent those attacks last year were, I am fully expecting a major terrorist attack in the next couple of weeks. It may not be in Europe, but I am guessing Europeans and/or Americans will be targeted. Indeed, the State Department has issued travel warnings for Europe due to the threat. This plot might have been the reason that warning happened but my guess is that there other threats out there that may be even more dangerous... 

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