Monday, May 16, 2016

Video: Kurdish attack on an outpost in Turkey.

Video of an attack in Turkey.

Here's another video that is making the rounds today. This time it's in Turkey and it shows a Kurdish attack on an outpost there. I am assuming that these are PKK rebels and that the attack takes place somewhere near the border, but I have no way of verifying that. There isn't any real graphic footage that I could see but as always don't watch if you don't like seeing combat footage. 

The video shows the Kurds watching the base for quite some time. Guards are relaxing, an officer appears to brief his men and generally the atmosphere is relaxed. Then the guns start shooting and chaos erupts. It looks like the outpost gets fired on with mortars and rockets and a few bunkers get destroyed. This is obvious propaganda of course. The uplifting and exciting music added to the video is proof of that. It also doesn't show any casualties on the Kurdish side. 

So what does this say about the war in Turkey? Well for one it's a real war. There were some heavy weapons deployed here. Not only do the Turks seem loaded for bear with their Cobra helicopters flying around, the Kurds deployed some high caliber weapons of their own. We have also seen that those Cobra helicopters are vulnerable as well, with one just having been shot down. It makes me wonder if this video is from the same engagement. 

I'm also not too impressed by the Turk's performance here. Though it is clear to me that the cameraman that recorded this video was pretty far away, he's still close enough that he was able to film it. You would think that the Turks would have been able to spot this guy and deploy a patrol to take him out. It makes me wonder what the rules of engagement are in Turkey. Perhaps they spotted the guy but couldn't take him out for some reason. Either way a guy filming a base like this is an obvious sign of an imminent attack.

I also think it is strange that this is clearly a hilltop fort but the cameraman was able to film it at what looks like to be an equal height. That means that the Turks didn't have control of the surrounding hills, which makes them vulnerable. That's a rookie mistake but one that isn't always possible to correct. Turkey might not have the forces available to cover the other hilltops. 

Still, it's not like this base was overrun or anything, because if it had been it would have been shown. What it does show is a Turkish military base coming under extremely heavy fire and surviving. At the very least the Turks held on so they at least save some face. 

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