Friday, February 5, 2016

Quick note about tomorrow's Republican debate.

As always, I plan on watching tomorrow nights debate on ABC. Unlike other debates, I am not sure if I will be able to live tweet the whole thing. It's a Saturday and I am having people over. I'll have the debate on regardless but I might not tweet as much as I have in past debates. Either way I think I will be tweeting at least a little bit and you can see my tweets here. I don't have to work on Saturday so I should have my reactions to the debate posted sometime the same night, hopefully before midnight.

For the debate itself, it starts at 7:15 pm Central time for some stupid reason. There is no undercard debate this time so that means that both Carly Fiorina and Jim Gilmore won't be attending. Everyone else will attend, including Donald Trump. It will be on ABC and they expect to have coverage start at 7:00 pm

I am expecting fireworks for this debate. After what Ted Cruz pulled in Iowa, expect Ben Carson and Donald Trump to hit him hard. For those of you not aware, Cruz pulled some shenanigans during the caucuses. He, or his staff, sent voice messages to his precinct leaders telling them that Ben Carson had dropped out of the race, and to tell Carson's supporters to vote for Cruz instead. Carson did no such thing, and the CNN report that Cruz's actions was based on never said that Carson was ending his campaign, just that he was going to Florida. I expect both Carson, who probably lost voters due to the stunt, and Trump, who probably lost Iowa because of this, to hit Cruz hard. This will also be the first time most people have heard of the allegations because most of the media is too busy crowning Marco Rubio the winner of the Iowa caucuses, even though he came in third.

Speaking of Rubio, I expect pretty much everyone to hit him as well. Trump, Carson and Cruz might go after each other, but everyone else in the race needs to fight Rubio if they are hoping to get the establishment vote. Bush, Kasich and Christie should hit Rubio hard. I don't expect many of their attacks to land as Rubio is quite skilled at debating.

The debate should be entertaining. At the very least it should be more entertaining then the Democrats last debate. Though that debate was more feisty then previous Democratic debates, it was probably be completely sedate compared to the Republican one. I'm expecting a knife fight, and those are always entertaining unless you are directly involved in one.

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