Thursday, February 25, 2016

Just a reminder, the next GOP Debate is tonight!

The last GOP debate before Super Tuesday is tonight and I am planning on watching it. As always I plan on live tweeting the debate. My twitter account can be found here. I am hoping to watch most of it but I do have other commitments which will probably mean I will miss at least a little bit of it. The debate starts at 7:30 central and will be on CNN.

There are a ton of questions that should be answered tonight. I am hoping that the final debate before Super Tuesday will offer some clarity about who the GOP nominee is going to be. At this point Trump seems unstoppable and the other candidates are just grasping at straws. The only way that Cruz or Rubio could pull it off now is if Trump completely destroys himself during this debate. I can't see that happening at all. He has just been too good during these debates, so even if Cruz or Rubio have a good night, I don't see them dethroning him in the polls. Even if all four other candidates spend the whole night attacking Trump, I don't see that working. The only way I see Trump going down is if he has a Marco Rubio robot moment or is found in bed with a dead woman or live boy.

It will be interesting to see who hits who tonight. I think if I was Donald Trump, I would ignore the other candidates and focus all the attacks on Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Trump's the odds on favorite to be the nominee, it's time to take his case beyond the Republican Party. Acting like he has the candidacy in the bag already will make it look like that is actually the case, even if it isn't completely certain yet.

As for Cruz and Rubio I don't know if they will hit each other, hit Trump, or do both. If I was either of them I would spend most of my time attacking Trump. He's got the lion's share of support so hitting him hard could help siphon away votes. Still, Cruz has to avoid any sleazy moments, and Rubio has to avoid acting like a robot. If either of them screw up their campaigns are done.

For Kaisch and Carson, I am not sure what they are still doing in the race. Kasich's only chance is a complete collapse of Trump, Cruz AND Rubio, and I just don't see that happening. He won't give up because he still has a chance to win his home state of Ohio, but I just can't see him doing anything else. He just doesn't have much of a constituency. Carson has no chance of anything and I think the only reason he is in the race is to spite Ted Cruz for his Iowa shenanigans. Cruz took away his voters during the Caucus and pretty much destroyed Carson's campaign, so I wouldn't be too surprised if he wanted to return the favor.

Here's a few quick questions for each of the candidates:

Donald Trump, do you miss your favorite punching bag Jeb Bush?

Ted Cruz, people are concerned about your honesty. You have done some sleazy things this election. How can the American people trust you?

Marco Rubio, you have refrained from attacking Donald Trump in these debates. Are you gunning for a vice presidential nomination from him?

Donald Trump, would you accept Marco Rubio as a VP pick? Or any of the other current or former presidential candidates? For all the other candidates, would you accept a VP or cabinet role in a Donald Trump Presidency? And Donald Trump, would you accept a role as VP for any of the other candidates?

John Kaisch, why are you still in the race? Seriously?

Ben Carson, are you still in the race just to spite Ted Cruz? Or are you trying to position yourself as a VP or cabinet pick for Donald Trump?

For all the candidates, if no clear winner comes up after Super Tuesday, will any of you drop out just for the sake of the party? If you don't, won't that hurt the Republicans and help the Democrats?

For all the candidates, given all the bad blood between some of you, would you still support the eventual GOP candidate even if it isn't you?

For all the candidates, can you all set aside your differences for a bit and just make fun of Jeb Bush some more? Could we wheel him back in just for this debate so Trump can go another round with him?

For all the candidates, could you stop attacking each other for a moment and instead attack Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders?

Finally, I don't know when I will be able to post reactions to this debate. I won't have any chance whatsoever to do them right after the debate but I might be able to do them the next morning. I have a busy weekend planned so I might not even get to post anything at all, but I am keeping my fingers crossed!

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