Thursday, February 4, 2016

A quick post about the Democratic Debate.

I watched some of the Democratic Debate. I don't think I will write up a large post on it due to not seeing most of it. I had other commitments tonight so I probably missed about an hour of it. I can write a little bit about what I did see though. I also tweeted about the debate as it was happening, and as always, you can find my twitter here.

A few thoughts:

1. Bernie Sanders just sounded utterly lost when it came to foreign policy. He was caught completely off guard when it came to a question about Afghanistan. He didn't have an answer at all about whether to keep troops in the country as well. I think he does have an opinion there but he was completely unable to state what it was. He just went on and on about ISIS, which has very little to do with Afghanistan. Yes, ISIS is there, but they are a third rate faction there. Sanders probably hurt himself among voters who care about such things.

2. Sanders and Clinton hit each other a lot more then they did in other debates that I have seen. Sanders still left Clinton alone when it came to the e-mail scandal but he did hit her hard about her connections with Wall Street. For awhile it seemed like the debate was going to be a knife fight, but in the end Clinton and Sanders ended up making up and hit Republicans instead.

3. Clinton didn't look very good. She just didn't seem very healthy. She looked tired and like she was uncomfortable. I am wondering if she isn't sicker then people let on.

4. I think Clinton had a much better night then Sanders. Admittedly, I missed quite a bit of the debate so you can't take my word for it, but she seemed to have the upper hand when she tangled with Sanders. I don't think she was more likable then Sanders, but she seemed more knowledgeable and better prepared then Sanders did.

Finally, I have to say I like the debates where they are fewer candidates. With the field down to two candidates, you really do get to know all the candidates. I am hoping on the Republican side, the candidates will be cut down to the same number soon.

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