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The demographic crisis that will be caused by the European refugee crisis. Politico.

Refugee men arriving in Europe. Politico/Getty. 

The European refugee crisis is going to cause massive demographic problems due to the sex ratio of the migrants. Politico. The distribution of the migrants are so skewed towards unmarried young males that it will have an impact on the demographics of Europe. As many as 66.26% of the migrants that arrived in Italy and Greece last year were male. This imbalance is further exacerbated by the fact that some groups of migrants tend to be even more tilted to males. For example, up to 90% of unaccompanied children are male. In Sweden, the migrants have changed the balance in the 16 and 17 year old cohort so the ratio is now 123 males for every 100 females, which suggests a demographic crisis similar to the one in China. In China the ratio is 117 males for every 100 females, but that ratio is spread throughout the population. The demographics could lead to severe problems. Not only will there be many men knocked out of the marriage game, they could be vulnerable to recruitment into terrorist organizations. Sex ratios tilted towards men are also highly correlated with high crime rate and government instability. The treatment of women may suffer as well. 

My Comment:
Kind of an older story but I missed it the first time around. It's a major downside of the immigration debate that isn't being covered seriously. With so many of these migrants being young, unmarried men, the demographics of Europe are going to tilt in that direction. Some of these countries already have gender imbalances but adding millions of men to that equation will really start to skew things. And keep in mind, the migrant waves are not done yet. More of them are coming and most of them will continue to be young unmarried men.  

Why is this a problem? Well the article mentioned quite a few reasons. First is the obvious threat of terrorism. Unmarried men are probably a lot more likely then a married man to throw their life away on some suicide mission. That is especially true for men that are in a different country from their homeland and have very little in terms of a connection with the host country. Being shut out of the marriage market will also likely cause quite a few people to be quite upset at their predicament, making them ripe for recruitment. 

Second, woman's rights could be threatened. Right now, it's pretty good to be a woman in Europe. Women have full rights, are allowed to act how they want and are allowed to vote. Though it is no guarantee that woman's rights would be rolled back, it is certainly a possibility. With so many more men then women it is possible that women will be treated more as a valuable commodity instead of actual people.  

Third, crime could increase as well, for the same reason that terrorism could be a threat. With no chance to contribute to society, young men in these societies may have no reason not to turn to crime. We could already be seeing this. Already in Cologne and other cities over new years eve gangs of young men attacked dozens of people, groping and raping the women, beating up the men who tried to defend the women and stealing from everyone.

Still, all of these things are problems without the demographic issues. Young men from Islamic countries are already a huge threat to be recruited into terrorist groups. Women are already treated horribly in Islamic countries and are starting to be treated terribly in countries with large numbers of Islamic migrants. And crime has gone up wherever these migrants have arrived at. But I do think that the demographic issues this migration will cause will make this threat much worse then it was before.

I also have to say that the quality of the men coming into the country is fairly low as well, which will compound things even further. The Syrian and Iraqi refugees are mostly young men who were too cowardly to fight for their countries, or deserters who fought but ran away. These men left their families behind and did not stay to protect them. Not exactly the best people to let into your country. The rest are just people that came to Europe for economic opportunities, which are probably a bit less likely to cause problems... until they figure out that the opportunities they are looking for mostly don't exist.

One thing the article ignored is that most of these problems will effect young white Europeans as well. Though I am not sure how much cross-religion and interracial dating is going to happen, some of it will happen and that means that the native people in Europe are going to have to compete with the new arrivals for dates. And, of course, jobs as well. This is going to breed a massive amount of resentment among the native men of Europe and could inflame hate. They will, rightly in my opinion, blame the migrants and the liberal politicians who let them in.

It's not just Islamic men that are vulnerable to radicalization and crime. Young Europeans are as well. It's just that most of them won't be joining Islamic terror groups. They will be like Anders Breivik instead. At the very least, right wing groups will be more popular then they are currently in Europe. At worse there will be war. There is going to be a right wing backlash against this migrant wave and it is going to be young white Europeans that will lead it...

The worst part it is that there is little that will be done to fix this issue. Europe is not going to kick these migrants out, at least not on the scale that it will manner. It's also unlikely that they will be able to import enough Middle Eastern women to fix the issue either. They could keep the problem from getting worse if they were to close their borders and reject any and all new migrants. But that won't happen, and I fear that the end result of this is more extremism, more crime and more degradation of woman's rights in Europe. And perhaps even war... 

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