Thursday, January 21, 2016

Link post: Photo gallery of the damage in Ramadi. IBTimes

Damage to the city of Ramadi. Reuters/IBTimes.

Just a quick link post to a photo gallery I found. IBTimes has put up a fairly impressive gallery of photos from the battle of Ramadi. It shows the aftermath of the battle and the utter destruction wrought on the city. I originally covered the story here, so I don't see much point in going over it again, but I wanted to let people see this gallery. 

In addition to the massive damage the photo set shows Iraqi troops fighting and taking care of civilians. Though a few civilians are left the rest of the city looks completely abandoned. The only people there seem to be Iraqi soldiers and presumably ISIS holdouts. I said in my last post about Ramadi that I am worried that people aren't going to want to go back. If this is the level of damage that can be expected there, there isn't all that much to go back too. 

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